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Renters Insurance Coverage

A renters insurance policy can help protect the things you own inside your house or apartment that make it a home. It’s a low-cost policy that helps protect you in a number of ways. While your landlord should have insurance for the building you live in, that protection typically doesn’t extend to tenants. Consider protecting yourself and get a quote for renters insurance today.

What to Consider About Renters Coverage

Renters coverage is an affordable way to protect your things if they are damaged or stolen, or if someone gets hurt and you’re held responsible. Plus, protection to your belongings extends beyond the walls of your home or apartment. While every renters policy is different, it can include:

Personal Property Coverage

Could you afford to replace everything in your home if the worst happened? Renters insurance can help you replace your personal property if it’s stolen, damaged by fire or lightning, and more. Plus, coverage to your property extends outside your home. For example, it provides coverage when your property is stolen from your car or you lose your luggage on vacation. And, if you’re forced from your home because of a covered event, your policy can help pay for another place to stay.

Personal Liability Coverage

A home rental policy can help pay for your legal defense or court judgements if you, or someone covered by your policy, is sued in court and held legally responsible. You also may be covered if you’re liable for accidentally damaging someone else’s property. A policy can also pay for the medical bills of anyone injured in your rented home. For example, if a guest at a party you’re hosting trips and falls, the liability coverage on your renters insurance may cover their medical expenses.