Home, Condo and Renters Insurance Claims


Any damage to your home can be stressful, whether it’s caused by wind, fire, hail or something else. The Plymouth Rock home insurance claims process is designed to ease that stress. We’ll guide you through each step, so you can get back to normal as quickly as possible.

We're here to help you.

How Our Claim Process Works

STEP #1: Claim Reporting

Once you’re sure everyone is safe, report your Plymouth Rock home insurance claim using one of these easy methods:

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You should repair it right away to prevent further damage. For example, if there’s a hole in your roof, please take the necessary steps to patch it up until permanent repairs can be made. Call your Claims Representative if you need an emergency service vendor.

Plymouth Rock home insurance policies provide coverage for additional living expenses when your home is unlivable due to severe damage. This includes reimbursing you for temporary housing, meals and other related expenses. Your Claims Representative will discuss your coverage with you. Please save receipts for the costs you incur.

You should file a police report in addition to a home insurance claim with Plymouth Rock. Be sure to include a list of the stolen items.

STEP #2: Damage Review

After you file your claim, we’ll assign you a dedicated Claims Representative and a Plymouth Rock insurance number. Your Claims Rep will contact you by the next business day in order to:

  • Gather more information about the claim
  • Explain your coverages and answer any questions you have
  • Schedule an appointment to inspect your damages (if necessary)

Ask your Claims Representative how to upload photos of the damage. Please take photos from multiple angles and create a detailed inventory of any personal items that were affected. Also, do not discard or alter any damaged item, especially if it may have caused the loss.

If you have an interior claim (e.g., a minor kitchen fire), we can use your photos to instantly build a 3D model of the room. The claim will get resolved faster—and you’ll get your money faster!

STEP #3: Estimate Review

Once we’ve assessed the damage, your Claims Representative will send you a repair estimate based on acceptable repair methods and current repair costs. We’ll also send you an estimate to repair or replace any damaged personal items.

Yes, you should get an estimate from your own contractor, in addition to the estimate we send you. If the two estimates differ, we’ll work directly with your contractor to reach an agreement on the cost of repairs.

STEP #4: Claim Payment

If your claim is covered, we’ll pay to repair or replace your damaged property, subject to the terms of your policy.

Most claims are settled for actual cash value, which is the amount of the replacement cost minus depreciation. If you have Replacement Cost Coverage, you’re entitled to a refund of the recoverable depreciation once the repairs are completed.

Because every Plymouth Rock home insurance claim is different, we can’t provide an exact time frame for the payment process. Your Claims Representative will let you know based on your specific claim. Here are some general rules:

  • Electronic payments (direct deposit/Zelle): Often within 24 hours
  • Paper checks: 5-7 business days

STEP #5: Complete Repairs

Once you’ve agreed on a contractor, you can begin repairing the damage to your home. Be sure to save all receipts, invoices and bills associated with the repairs.

You or your contractor should contact your Claims Representative immediately and hold off on making any new repairs. Depending on the nature of the damage, we may need to re-inspect your home. If we find the additional damage is related to your claim, we’ll update the repair estimate.

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