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Plymouth Rock
Safe Driver Discounts

Plymouth Rock
Safe Driver Discounts

Let’s come together and make our roads safe again.

Plymouth Rock wants to help prevent accidents before they happen. That’s why we offer great perks and savings to help our customers make the roads a safer place. Eligible customers can earn rewards or save on their car insurance simply by driving more safely.

Safer roads, one drive at a time.

We know that aware drivers are safe drivers, so our unique usage based telematics programs are designed to help improve your driving skills while earning you rewards and savings. From Road Rewards to YUBI, Plymouth Rock’s usage based driving programs help you stay committed to safe driving. And over time, your benefits may grow. Together, we can do what’s right and help make our roads safe again.

Join the YUBI Safety Force program

For Plymouth Rock customers who prefer the convenience of managing their own policy directly, we offer YUBI, which stands for Your Usage-Based Insurance. YUBI is Plymouth Rock’s automotive telematics app and it’s a great way to gather information about your driving habits to help you become a smarter, safer driver. YUBI helps you improve your driving habits and can save you up to 22% on your car insurance. To find out more about YUBI, click here.

Talk to your Independent Agent About Road Rewards

For customers who prefer the personalized expertise of an independent agent, we offer Road Rewards. Eligible drivers can earn great rewards with every safe drive, including fuel savings at Shell Gas station from Fuel Rewards, movie tickets from Showcase Cinemas, Starbucks cards and gift cards to, Spotify and Apple. To find out more about Road Rewards, click here.