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Insurance doesn’t have to be complicated. That’s why we make it our job to clarify, simplify and assure our customers at every step.

If you have questions about coverages, claims and ways to protect your car or home, we’ve put together some helpful resources for you.

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woman walking with dog on snow covered trail
Between salty sidewalks, frigid temperatures and natural disasters, wintertime can really take a toll on our four-legged family members.
frozen pipe with ice
During cold weather, water pipes in your home can freeze and cause serious damage. Fortunately, the mess and expense of frozen pipes is preventable
Home Insurance Cover home damage from trees
“What does home insurance cover?” is a common question among homeowners—and for good reason. Your home is a highly valuable asset, so it makes sense to protect it.
Too many plugs in a power strip
It’s easy to forget how dangerous electricity can be. In fact, electrical issues are a leading cause of home fires every year.
Insurance fraud is a serious crime with serious consequences, but everyone can benefit from containing it.
Two cars in front to rear accident
Plymouth Rock takes an active role reporting insurance fraud, but we also need your help to fight against it.
dented red car
A common form of auto insurance fraud is a staged accident. Some people actually cause collisions to collect insurance payments for injuries that are either nonexistent or greatly exaggerated.

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