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Insurance Fraud Prevention Center

Insurance fraud is a serious crime with serious consequences. It drives up the cost of insurance and repairs, and everyone can benefit from containing it.

Insurance fraud happens when a person misrepresents or fabricates a claim to receive insurance money to which they are not entitled. By some estimates, insurance fraud amounts to billions of dollars each year through activities like inflating the cost of legitimate claims or organized criminals operating fraud rings.

Plymouth Rock Assurance provides information on insurance fraud prevention, so you can take an active role in the fight against it.

Report Fraud

If you know or suspect that someone is committing insurance fraud, please report it. In many instances, you can remain anonymous. Many states have agencies dedicated to investigating insurance fraud. These are just some of the ways you can report fraud.

Auto Insurance Fraud

Staged accidents are a common form of auto insurance fraud. You can take steps to avoid being victimized by criminals who operate staged accident rings. There are also ways to protect yourself after an accident.

Medical Insurance Fraud

Medical insurance fraud drives up insurance premiums for consumers. These schemes can also subject some patients to unnecessary treatments and procedures. Everyone can help to fight this common type of fraud by knowing what to look for and taking steps to protect yourself.

Home Insurance Fraud

Home insurance fraud can take many forms, whether it’s a dishonest homeowner purposefully damaging property to collect insurance money or contractors that inflate the cost of repairs. The more you know about home insurance fraud, the more you’ll be able to recognize and report it.

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