Plymouth Rock’s YUBI® Program

Plymouth Rock’s YUBI® Program

Drive safely and save money.

Plymouth Rock Assurance offers the latest technology in automotive telematics. It’s called usage based insurance, but we call it YUBI®! If you’re a good driver, Plymouth Rock’s YUBI® program can potentially help you earn significant savings on your auto insurance. That means safe driving saves you money!

You know you’re a safe driver. Prove it and save!

Usually, car insurance rates are determined by using historical data related to people who may have similar characteristics as you. With YUBI, you’ll get a personalized insurance rate based on your own driving habits. That means your safer driving leads to a better personalized insurance rate for you.

When you enroll in the YUBI program, you could get an initial participation discount* on your car insurance, with the potential to increase the discount based on your driving skills over time. Using a smartphone app on your compatible mobile device**, YUBI provides trip scores and feedback based on your driving skills such as smooth driving (acceleration and braking), time of day and miles traveled.

Stick with YUBI, and your good driving habits may help increase your discount to as much as 29%*, depending on where you live. YUBI can help you become a smarter, safer driver. Check your app after each trip to assess and improve your driving skills!

If you have questions about YUBI or need help registering, please see our YUBI FAQs or contact us at 800-437-5556 or [email protected].
Click here to view the YUBI Terms and Conditions. Download YUBI from the App Store or Google Play.

*At new business, any applicable participation discount is applied for each participating driver on standard coverages excluding expense fees.  At renewal, each participating driver’s discount may increase or decrease based on their driving habits, and may include a surcharge of up to 31% for a small percentage of participating drivers.

** A compatible mobile device (iPhone or Android running the current or previous 2 operating systems, along with GPS and accelerometer capabilities) is required.