Renters insurance
in Pennsylvania

Renters insurance
in Pennsylvania

As a renter, you need to protect the things you own. Sure, your landlord has insurance for the building you live in, but that protection won’t extend to you as a tenant. A renters insurance policy is the perfect solution in Pennsylvania.

Whether you’re renting an apartment in Pittsburgh, Philadelphia or somewhere in between, a renters policy will protect your belongings and also protect you financially if someone gets hurt at your place.

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Standard Coverages in Pennsylvania

The three coverages detailed below are standard on nearly all renters insurance policies in Pennsylvania. If you want more protection, you can always add extra coverage.
Your Belongings
Renters insurance can help you repair or replace any damaged or stolen personal items, such as computers, bicycles, TVs and furniture. You’re covered for damage caused by fire, wind, vandalism, theft and other events.

Example: If your laptop is stolen from your apartment, or from your car, we’ll pay for you to replace it.

Lawsuits and Medical Bills
If someone brings a lawsuit against you, and you’re responsible, renters insurance can help pay for your defense and court costs. It can also pay for necessary medical expenses for guests who are accidentally injured in your unit.

Example: If a guest at your home trips and falls, we’ll cover their medical expenses.

Emergency Living Expenses
If you’re temporarily forced from your apartment due to a covered event, renters insurance will help cover costs such as alternate lodging and other living expenses.

Example: If a fire severely damages your apartment, we’ll help cover your hotel and meals.

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Renters Insurance FAQs

While renters insurance isn’t required by federal or Pennsylvania law, your landlord may require proof of renters insurance as part of the lease agreement. Renters insurance protects your personal belongings against fire, theft and other covered losses.

A standard renters insurance policy from Plymouth Rock will keep you well protected in Pennsylvania:

  • Your Belongings – If damaged or stolen, we’ll arrange for your items to be repaired or replaced. Plus, it doesn’t matter if the items were inside or outside of your apartment.
  • Lawsuits and Medical Bills – If someone brings a claim or lawsuit against you, renters insurance can help you pay for your defense and court costs. It can also pay for necessary medical expenses for guests who are accidentally injured in your apartment.
  • Emergency Living Expenses – If you’re forced from your apartment, we’ll help cover costs such as temporary lodging, meals and other expenses while your apartment is being repaired.

Our independent agents in Pennsylvania are experienced, compassionate people—not automated bots. Plus, they work and live right in your community, so they understand your needs. They’ll help you:

  • Determine the right coverage and liability limits
  • Select the proper deductible
  • Take advantage of all available discounts

Absolutely! If you’re a Pennsylvania resident and you want even greater peace of mind, we also offer several optional coverages. For example, you can customize your renters insurance policy by adding the following:

  • Home Cyber Protection
  • Home Systems Breakdown
  • Replacement Cost Contents

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