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Discounts & Benefits For Auto Insurance in Pennsylvania

Find Out About Ways You Can Save

Plymouth Rock Assurance has plenty of auto insurance discounts to help Pennsylvania customers save on insurance.

Whether you choose to work with a local agent or directly with Plymouth Rock, we’ll help you find all of the discounts for which you may be eligible.


eDocuments Discount

Sign up to receive your policy documents electronically and we’ll reward you with savings.

Driver Improvement Discount

If you’re 55 or older and complete a driver improvement course, you could save money.

Passive Restraint Discount

You can save just for having a car with air bags. If your car has factory-installed passive restraint devices, such as automatic seat belts, driver-side front air bags, or passenger-side front air bags, you will qualify.

Advanced Shopper Discount

If you are switching to Plymouth Rock from another company, you could save if you quote your new policy more than seven days before the effective date.

Companion Policy

Want to save more? Insure your home or rental property with Plymouth Rock to receive savings on your auto policy.

5-Year Claim-Free Discount/Claims Experience Discount

Save when you’re incident free for the past 5 years and over the age of 22.

Rock-Solid Driving Discount

Good driving can mean spending less on your car insurance. With four varying discount levels based on your accident, claim and violation history, the savings can really add up.

Safe Drivers

Maintaining a clean driving record helps keep premiums low.

Green Driving

A few insurance companies have started to offer discounts for people who drive eco-friendly cars.

Alumni Discounts

Find out what savings are available to you as an alumni of your university.

Membership Discounts

Your membership in some college groups can mean saving on your car insurance, as well. Sororities and fraternities, for instance, may offer insurance discounts as a perk. You may also be eligible as a member of certain honor and civic societies.

Driver Training Discount

You may be eligible for other discounts if you have recently completed a state-approved defensive driving course.

Plymouth Rock Assurance Policyholder Perks

You deserve more than just insurance. That’s our view. We don’t think it’s enough to just offer reliable insurance protection — your expectations should be exceeded. From adding extra coverages to helping to prevent accidents, we give each and every one of our policyholders great perks, all at no extra cost.

Guaranteed Repair Shops

Get your car repaired at a shop with a track record for quality. We’ll guarantee the work as long as you own or lease your car.

Door to Door Valet Claim Service®

And, our Door to Door Valet Claim Service® takes the stress out of getting your car repaired after an accident.

Get Home Safe®

If you find yourself in a situation where you don’t feel safe driving, Plymouth Rock will pick up the tab for your cab or rideshare fare home.

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Plymouth Rock Assurance® and Plymouth Rock® are brand names and service marks used by separate companies that write and manage property and casualty insurance in multiple states. Insurance in Pennsylvania is underwritten by Palisades Insurance Company, Palisades Property and Casualty Insurance Company, High Point Preferred Insurance Company and Rider Insurance Company.