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Hidden Car Insurance Discounts

Your hard-earned money should stay where it belongs … in your wallet. By adding hidden car insurance discounts to your policy, you could save more of your cash! Wouldn’t it be nice to have a few extra bucks in your pocket? Of course it would be. It always is.

How to Find Hidden Auto Insurance Discounts

Here’s the secret about hidden auto insurance discounts: they aren't really hidden. Some people may think of them as hidden because they’re easily overlooked.

Plymouth Rock makes it a cinch for you to take advantage of insurance discounts – even the ones you might not know about. When you get a Plymouth Rock quote, we’ll ask you a series of questions designed to make sure you get all of the discounts that you have coming.

And, Plymouth Rock can help you keep an eye on your account for future savings. Since your life changes all of the time, you may qualify for additional savings later that you don’t right now.

Whenever you have a life milestone – moving in to your first apartment, getting married or buying a home – ask us to review your account. You might be pleasantly surprised with savings! Cha-ching!

What Is Available In New Jersey

You shouldn’t have to go looking for hidden car insurance discounts. Those savings are rightfully yours and we want you to have them. Here are some discounts you should make sure you’re getting:

Motor Club Discount. If you or your spouse is a member of an approved motor club, you can save.

Defensive Driver Discount. Have you taken a New Jersey approved defensive driver course within the past three years? This can save you on a portion of your car insurance!

eDocument Discount. Having bills and insurance documents digitally sent to your inbox instead of physically sent to your mailbox saves trees and saves your insurer money. In return, they are happy to pass that savings to you.

Good Student Discount. Got a scholar in the house? Good grades for any full-time student under 22 means savings for you.

Paying in Full. If you pay your bill up front, you can save. Plus, you also save yourself the hassle of a monthly bill.

Advance Shopper. Setting up new insurance in advance? It pays in the form of a discount! The longer out you plan, the more you can save (up to certain limits).

Affinity Discount. If you or your spouse is an active members of a Plymouth Rock-approved affinity group (the list is huge!), you could save!

Start Saving Today!

Now that you know how you can save – find out how much. Simply fill out the short form for your free, no-obligation quote from Plymouth Rock.

Read about other discounts available from Plymouth Rock including car insurance discounts for students.  Compare our rates with the competition and learn more about auto insurance limits.

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