Motorcycle Insurance
in Pennsylvania

Motorcycle Insurance
in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Motorcycle Insurance – Plymouth Rock

Plymouth Rock delivers quality insurance to the Pennsylvania riding and off-road community. We understand how important your bike is to you. And to us, you’re more than just a policy number. Plymouth Rock Assurance offers superior service at the right price, so you can get back to enjoying the freedom of the open road.

When shopping for Pennsylvania motorcycle insurance, there are different coverage options to consider. Our Rider Assurance Packages  were designed to meet the unique needs of the biker community while giving you peace of mind and include a wide range of coverages, features and benefits. We also offer many discounts and payment options to help you save big on motorcycle insurance. From being in the military to belonging to a riding group to signing up for eDocuments, we offer many ways to help you save.

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Discounts & Benefits

Discounts & Benefits

  • Safety Course Discount: When an insured completes a safety course, a discount is applied to each motorcycle to which they are assigned. A completion certificate must be provided.
  • Safety Course Instructor Discount: When an insured completes an instructor safety course, a discount is applied to each motorcycle to which they are assigned. A completion certificate must be provided.
  • Rider Experience Discount: A discount is applied on policies with operators who have at least three years’ on-road riding experience.
  • Advance Shopper Discount: It can pay to plan ahead. The more time between your quote date and policy start date, the bigger the discount you’ll receive.
  • Transfer Discount: A discount is applied to any policy transferring coverage from another insurance company, with no more than a 30-day lapse in coverage. Prior insurance policy number is required.
  • Companion Package Discount: Save money by bundling your motorcycle insurance with home, personal auto or commercial auto insurance.

What’s Covered in Pennsylvania

All of our motorcycle insurance policies automatically include our Rider Assurance Packages, which offer a collection of Rider Essential Assurance and Rider Assurance Plus benefits at no extra cost. Plus, motorcycles with comprehensive coverage include our Rider Accessory Package with up to $8,000 coverage and the option to tailor your policy with increased limits.

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You can also purchase other types of insurance through our agent relationships and affiliates. Protect the important assets in your life by insuring your car and home through our company.

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Whether you're on two wheels or four, here are quick tips and things to keep in mind when sharing the road
If you're like most drivers, chances are you’ve experienced aggressive driving. From excessive honking to physical altercations, dangerous decisions plague our roads.

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