Home Insurance
Standard and Optional Coverage

Home Insurance Standard and Optional Coverage

There are many different coverages in a home insurance policy that work together to provide your overall protection. With Plymouth Rock, you can customize your policy by choosing your base level of insurance (Good, Better or Best) and then adding individual coverages for even greater protection.

Standard Coverages

The following coverages are automatically included in your home insurance policy, no matter which base level you choose.

Want to learn more about each coverage? Just read the sections below.

Dwelling, also known as Coverage A, is your most important coverage. It protects against damages to the physical structure of your home, as well as those systems that are permanently installed (e.g, plumbing, wiring, heat, air conditioning). Dwelling is the coverage used to repair or rebuild your home in the event of a covered loss. It’s also the primary coverage your lender will require you to purchase with your home.

Other Structures, also known as Coverage B, covers structures on your property that aren’t connected to your main house, such as a garage, fence, shed or barn. While these structures may not be as valuable as the house itself, they can still be expensive to repair. The Other Structures coverage level is usually 10% of your Dwelling coverage. The types of detached structures that are covered vary by state.

With Personal Property, also known as Coverage C, your homeowners policy covers all those possessions you keep inside your home. Examples include furniture, appliances, TVs, computers, clothing and some jewelry. Personal Property coverage applies to the actual cash value of an item (i.e., its depreciated value), not the full replacement cost of an item.

If your home is badly damaged, you may not be able to live there while repairs are being made. Loss of Use, also known as Coverage D, will reimburse you for temporary housing, meals and other related expenses during this time—assuming the reason for the damage is covered by your policy. Loss of Use coverage is usually 20% of your Dwelling coverage. This is sometimes referred to as Additional Living Expenses coverage, as well.

With Personal Liability, also known as Coverage E, we’ll defend you or a member of your household if you’re found responsible for a loss suffered by another person—for example, if someone is hurt in your yard. We’ll also pay for any damages.

Medical Payments, also known as Coverage F, helps protect you if others are injured on your property. For example, if a guest in your home falls and requires treatment, Medical Payments takes care of the medical bills whether or not you were responsible for your guest’s injuries. Coverage is usually limited to $1,000 per person, unless additional coverage is purchased.

Other Standard Coverages

If you choose a higher level of base insurance (Better or Best), some of these individual coverages may come standard as well, depending on your state of residence:

  • Credit Card Coverage
  • Guaranteed Rebuild Coverage (always standard in NH)
  • ID Monitoring
  • ID Theft Expense Reimbursment
  • Scheduled Personal Property Endorsements
  • Water Back-up and Sump Overflow

Optional Coverages

If you want to maximize your protection, we also offer several optional coverage features.
You can customize your home insurance coverage by adding the following:

Home Cyber – A suite of services and coverages designed to protect you from cyber-attacks, cyber extortion, online fraud, data breaches and cyber bullying. (Not available in NY.)

Home Systems Breakdown – Protects you if important equipment breaks down in your home, such as your furnace, stove or air conditioning unit.

Utility Service Line – Provides payment if physical damage results in a leak, break, tear, rupture, collapse or arcing of a covered service line.

Flood Insurance – Neptune Flood provides everything in FEMA’s National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP)—and more.

Identity Protection – Offered through CyberScout, our identity protection services keep you one step ahead of identity thieves.

Pet Health Insurance – Figo Pet Health Coverage can reimburse you for much of the cost to treat your pet’s unexpected injuries and illnesses.


Umbrella insurance is a separate policy that provides additional financial protection by increasing your liability limits. It gives you and your family extra protection in case something unexpected happens, such as:

  • Someone gets injured on your property
  • You cause a severe injury in a car accident
  • You cause damage to someone else’s property
  • You’re named in a defamation lawsuit
  • Your pet injures someone

Umbrella is easy to bundle with a home and auto policy. It has multiple coverage limits and provides coverage for trusts and LLCs.

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