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Plymouth Rock Assurance Outranks Progressive, Arbella, Travelers and Liberty Mutual Insurance in Repair Satisfaction

Statewide survey shows significant differences in quality, speed, and customer experience among insurers.

Boston, MA – (April 9, 2009) ‐ Not all insurance companies are the same when it comes to repairing your car according to a survey conducted among 150 Massachusetts registered body shops. The survey, conducted by USA/Direct, an independent marketing research firm, showed that Plymouth Rock Assurance was the highest rated insurance company for ensuring speedy, high quality repairs with the best customer service.

Plymouth Rock significantly outranked all other Massachusetts auto insurers, including Travelers, Liberty Mutual, Amica, Commerce, and Progressive.

The survey asked body shops to rate insurers on how well their practices and policies supported repair efforts according to three criteria; quality of repairs, speed of repairs and the overall customer experience. Plymouth Rock was ranked first in every category:

  • For the quality of the repair, Plymouth Rock ranked 2 times higher than Amica and Commerce Insurance and almost 3 times higher than Progressive Insurance.
  • For speed of repairs, Plymouth Rock ranked over 2 times higher than Commerce and Arbella Insurance and 3 times higher than Safety and Progressive Insurance.
  • For providing high quality customer service throughout the repair process, Plymouth Rock ranked 2 times higher than Travelers and Amica insurance and 4 times higher than Progressive Insurance.
  • When asked to combine all three criteria (speed, quality and service) Plymouth Rock ranked over 2 times higher than Arbella and Amica insurance, 3 times higher than Liberty Mutual Insurance and 10 times higher than Progressive Insurance.


“Plymouth Rock prides itself on working with repair shops to make car repairs quick and easy,” says Hal Belodoff, President of Plymouth Rock. “We make sure repairs are top quality, done quickly, and that the overall experience is as easy as possible for the customer. It’s all part of our commitment to providing our customers with more than just insurance.”

“Fixing your car can be stressful and time consuming, but having an insurance company that truly cares backing you can make all the difference,” adds Mike Cesinger, Plymouth Rock’s Vice President of Claims. “These results are consistent with our own claim satisfaction surveys which show that our customer satisfaction exceeds 95%.”

The surveys were conducted by USA/Direct via phone between March 1, 2009 and March 16, 2009. 150 were selected for this survey based on having sufficient experience with Plymouth Rock to render an evaluation. Of the 150, 57 completed the surveys. Companies were evaluated on each criterion on a 10 point scale with 10 being excellent and 1 being poor. Plymouth Rock sponsored the surveys.

About Plymouth Rock Assurance

Headquartered in Boston, Plymouth Rock Assurance Corporation is a leading automobile insurance carrier serving Massachusetts and Connecticut. Plymouth Rock’s industry-leading service innovations include the exclusive Plymouth Rock Savings Pass which helps Massachusetts customers save hundreds of dollars on auto-related goods and services; Crashbusters® mobile expert appraisers, who travel directly to a customer’s vehicle to assess damage and often issue a check on the spot; Door to Door Valet Claim Service which manages the entire auto repair process from start to finish; Get Home Safe®, which covers the cost of a one-time cab ride home up to $50 per policy year when a Massachusetts policyholder feels it would be unsafe to operate a motor vehicle; and its Pledge of Assurance®, an industry-leading written commitment to service excellence.

Plymouth Rock Assurance Corporation has an “A-/Excellent” rating from A.M. Best, the insurance industry’s premier independent rating service. It is part of the Plymouth Rock Group of Companies, which together write and manage over $1 billion in auto and home insurance in the Northeast. Each of the Plymouth Rock companies is financially responsible only for its own insurance products. Actual coverage is subject to the language of the policies as issued by each separate company.

USA/DIRECT, is a New Jersey research firm in operation for nearly two decades. Their experience is based on decades of hands‐on, client‐side Madison Avenue and Fortune 500 market research and marketing background. USA/DIRECT offers the complete range of studies for new product development and established brand repositioning including market studies to determine new areas of opportunity, branding, concept and product testing, test market research, national category tracking, customer satisfaction benchmarking and tracking, corporate image and issues of public importance. USA/DIRECT has been awarded the Marketing Research Association's highest PRC "Expert" Rating.

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