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Motorcycle Insurance Quotes in Pennsylvania – Plymouth Rock

Preparing for a road trip involves making sure that both you and your bike are ready with the proper gear: stuff like your helmet, backpack, top case and tail bag. You may have everything checked on your gear list, but before you’re completely ready for the road, you need to have insurance coverage. As a rider in Pennsylvania, it’s important that you know state law requirements for insuring your bike. It’s also a good idea to have a basic understanding of your insurance options so that you can approach the process of getting motorcycle insurance quotes in Pennsylvania as an educated consumer. At the most basic level, there are two steps that you should follow. First, determine the insurance protection you need for yourself and your bike. Second, find the best price that meets those specific individual coverage needs.

An Inside Look at PA Market Prices

Here’s the inside scoop on market prices in PA. Before an insurance carrier offers a quote, many risk factors are considered. Two of the most heavily weighted risk factors include your road record as a rider (violations, accidents, etc.), and where you live. Lending Tree, Inc. recently released a report that shows the average annual insurance rate riders in PA pay for motorcycle coverage is $512, which is close to $43 monthly. Even though a rate of $43 per month may seem inexpensive, it’s important to know that this is the average insurance rate spanning 94 municipal areas in Pennsylvania. New Bethlehem, PA represents the cheapest price point in the study, with riders paying an average of $383 per year, while Philadelphia riders pay considerably higher rates (some of the highest in the U.S.) with an average annual rate of $1,330! Adding a little perspective, the national average insurance rate motorcycle riders pay to cover themselves and their bikes is $519 per year.

Priority One: Shopping for Value

There are a lot of options out there for motorcycle insurance. Choice is your friend when comparing motorcycle insurance quotes. While the internet has certainly changed the price comparison process for buying products and services, value remains the central factor for educated consumers. When you’re shopping for motorcycle insurance, the three core components you’ll want to focus on are the following:

  1. Coverage
  2. Service
  3. Price

Think of these three components as the legs of a three-legged stool. The stool has three legs that are all equally important to its usefulness. Take away one of the legs, or weaken one, and your stool won’t do what it was made to do. For example, if your only shopping objective is to find the cheapest coverage out there, you may not get adequate coverage and you could be setting yourself up for lower quality service and future frustration. Creating a balance of these three buying factors is highly recommended for the best results. Also, it’s wise to consider the offerings of both small and large carriers. Smaller carriers may specialize in motorcycle insurance, while large, multi-line carriers typically offer an opportunity to receive a discount when you bundle your motorcycle insurance with another line of coverage, such as homeowner insurance.

PA Coverage Requirements

The state of PA has minimum insurance requirements that all motorists must carry to protect themselves and their vehicles; these insurance requirements must be followed by bikers as well:

Medical Benefits: $5,000
All riders must carry “pedestrian first party” medical benefits. If a pedestrian is struck by the insured motorcycle, this type of insurance coverage would be applied towards the cost of his or her medical care up to $5,000.  To cover the cost of medical bills incurred by you and others who are covered under your policy following an accident, regardless of who is at fault, optional “first party” medical benefits coverage is also available. 

Bodily Injury (BI) Liability: $15,000/$30,000
If others are injured as a result of an accident that you caused, bodily injury liability pays for the medical and rehabilitation expenses incurred by others. The minimum BI limit is $15,000 for an individual and $30,000 per accident. Keep in mind that medical care is very expensive and minimum limits for bodily injury liability coverage can be exhausted very quickly in a serious accident. Higher limits are available and strongly suggested.

Property Damage Liability: $5,000
If you are at fault in an accident and the property of others is damaged as a result, property damage liability pays to repair or replace that property. Property that is commonly damaged or destroyed as a result of motorcycle crashes includes other vehicles, fences, buildings or guardrails. PA requires that all motorists (including bikers) carry a minimum PD liability limit of $5,000.

Insurance Options to Consider

Simply carrying the minimum coverage required to ride your bike may not be the wisest choice. Consider other lines of insurance that provide protection for your bike and all the accessories that come with it. For example, additional options you should consider may include Comprehensive and Collision insurance (Comp/Collision), Accessory Coverage and Roadside Assistance. Having adequate insurance protection will give you peace of mind knowing that you’re protecting yourself and your bike, leaving you with maximum enjoyment when you ride your bike.

Closing Thoughts on Motorcycle Insurance Quotes

While it’s probably safe to say you’re far more passionate about your bike than the coverages that protect it, obtaining the insurance you need at an affordable price is an important starting point for getting you on the road. When you need insurance for your motorcycle, consider us. Every day we provide PA riders with robust coverage options, experienced representatives and excellent customer service. On top of that, you may qualify for substantial policy discounts through various affinity programs.

Get a quote online, call 855-933-4470 or find an agent to see how we can help you get the motorcycle insurance you need and the customer service you deserve, all at a competitive price!

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