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Motorcycle Insurance Discounts in Pennsylvania

Looking to save a little extra on your motorcycle insurance premium? There are multiple kinds of insurance discounts that riders can take advantage of in Pennsylvania. These discounts can often make the difference between one carrier’s quote winning out over another’s quote. It pays to familiarize yourself with the many kinds of potential motorcycle insurance discounts in Pennsylvania offered by Plymouth Rock so that you can be an educated shopper when comparing quotes.

Safety Course Discounts

Carriers that provide insurance for motorcycles are focused on risk management: reducing their exposure to risk. When you take the initiative to complete a motorcycle safety course, you will most likely be rewarded with a rate discount. When you demonstrate your awareness of safety and your knowledge of a defensive approach to riding, you signal that you’re likely to be a safe, responsible rider. The Pennsylvania Motorcycle Safety Program can provide information on safety driving courses in your area. There are custom programs for every experience level, from beginners to advanced riders. Safety course information typically covers defensive riding, eye safety, safety apparel and even the psychology of riding.         

Bike Association Discounts

Are you a member of a motorcycle association? Most insurance carriers that provide coverage for bikes will offer an Association Discount. Popular bike associations in the Keystone state include Tri-State Hog, Street Divaz Riders Association, Independent Souls RC and Universal Riders Club of Pittsburgh. There are also several national and global bike associations such as the American Motorcyclist Association, American Legion Riders and the Harley Owners Group (HOG), which span the globe. Insurance carriers that offer motorcycle coverage are aware that most bike associations provide varying levels of training, safety tips and other ways to minimize risk in providing value to their members and recognize this with related discounts. If your insurance agent doesn’t ask you about your association membership, be sure to take the initiative and ask.

Bundled Coverage Discounts

If you’re a homeowner or have insurance coverage for other vehicles you operate, you’ll probably have the opportunity to combine or “bundle” your insurance coverage, which can provide you with a sweet discount on your rate. If you have more than one insurance policy with the same carrier, a coverage discount is usually offered. You may also be able to get an additional discount simply for being a homeowner, even when you do not bundle.

Risk Management Discounts

Most motorcycle insurance carriers will offer discounts for riders who show they are reducing risk with anti-lock brakes. The Highway Loss Data Institute (HLDI) has provided extensive records showing that anti-lock brakes on a motorcycle greatly reduce the risk of accidents on the road. Anti-theft devices will show your proactive approach to safety. Also, be sure to inform your insurance carrier of anti-theft devices that have been permanently installed on your bike, which may reduce the risk of theft.

Military Service Discount

Are you a veteran of the armed forces? Carriers that offer motorcycle insurance understand your passion for the road and often recognize your service to the country with special discounts. Be sure to make your insurance carrier aware of your service and ask about applicable discounts.

Other Discounts You May Qualify For

In addition to the previously mentioned discounts you may be able to score on your motorcycle insurance, other possible discounts may include an Advanced Shopper discount when you apply for motorcycle coverage at least two days in advance of the effective date of coverage. Some carriers offer a Transfer Discount when you move your coverage from a competitor, which is a way of thanking you for choosing them to meet your coverage needs. Loyalty Discounts may be offered for riders who have remained with the same insurance carrier for an extended period of time. If you pay the full up-front annual premium to insure your bike, you may be rewarded with a “Paid in Full” discount.

“Disappearing” or Temporary Discounts

As you compare quotes from various carriers and begin to calculate in the many discounts, be sure to ask about how long your discounts will apply. It is common practice for insurers to offer “New Business” discounts that apply to one or two policy terms, after which they “disappear” or no longer apply. Sometimes these kinds of discounts may gradually decrease. Be sure to understand which of your discounts are permanent and which are temporary. This will help you to better compare apples to apples when shopping around.

Final Thoughts on Motorcycle Insurance Discounts

When you combine value and savings, you’ve nailed it as a consumer. Value and savings is what we provide for motorcycle riders in Pennsylvania. We understand your coverage needs and provide custom-built policies and exceptional customer service. Call today to see what discounts you may qualify for!

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