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Pennsylvania Motorcycle Insurance Coverage – Plymouth Rock

Accelerating down a two-lane highway on a clear day in rural Pennsylvania on a bike is what life is all about: the wind in your face, the rumble of the bike’s engine and the glint of the gleaming chrome. Riding your motorcycle stirs something in your soul that is difficult to put into words. Pennsylvania motorcycle insurance coverage isn’t something you want to be thinking about on your weekend ride, but understanding what you need and getting your coverages squared away will allow you to get back to riding with peace of mind.

Required Motorcycle Insurance in PA

As a bike owner and resident of PA, you need to know what the state requires regarding your bike and the insurance coverage that it requires you to maintain. The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has clear requirements on minimum insurance limits for riders. Here is a look at the details for the required motorcycle insurance coverage and limits for bike owners in PA.

Medical Benefits: $5,000

All riders must carry “pedestrian first party” medical benefits. If a pedestrian is struck by the insured motorcycle, this type of insurance coverage would be applied towards the cost of his or her medical care up to $5,000.  To cover the cost of medical bills incurred by you and others who are covered under your policy following an accident, regardless of who is at fault, optional “first party” medical benefits coverage is also available.

Bodily Injury (BI) Liability: 15/30

If you cause bodily injury to others resulting from an accident you caused, bodily injury liability generally covers the cost of medical and rehabilitation expenses that others may need. The required minimum limit for Bodily Injury insurance is $15,000 for individuals and $30,000 total for an accident. Remember, hospital care is extremely expensive, so the minimum limits for BI coverage will most likely not meet the total medical care expenses that are needed for a person involved in a serious accident. It is strongly suggested that riders purchase higher limits.    

Property Damage (PD) Liability: $5,000

If you cause an accident that results in damage to another’s property, PD liability typically covers the cost to repair or replace that property. This will commonly include property such as other vehicles, and structures like buildings, fences and guardrails. Pennsylvania requires motorcycle riders to carry a minimum liability limit of $5,000 for property damage.

Optional Coverage You Should Consider

Now that you know what the Keystone State requires when it comes to insuring your bike, you may want to consider some optional coverages that will give you the peace of mind you need when you’re on a weekend cruise with friends. Comprehensive and collision insurance is highly recommended for riders. If your bike is damaged by something other than a collision (i.e., flood, fire, hail, etc.) or stolen, you will usually have coverage with comprehensive insurance. For damage to your bike resulting from a collision with another vehicle, you’ll need to have collision coverage.

Another optional coverage can be purchased for motorcycle accessories such as extra chrome, saddlebags and trailers that are pulled by your bike. Safety gear such as your helmet and boots can be protected with coverage options that may be available depending on your carrier. If you ride a bike that may be considered “vintage” or “antique,” you’ll want to be sure you have what is known as “Agreed Value” coverage with your insurance carrier due to the varying market or collector values of older bikes. Also, trip interruption coverage and roadside assistance may be wise coverage options to include with your insurance policy to cover the risk and potential costs of being delayed while attempting to reach your destination on a road trip.

Types of Vehicles Covered by Motorcycle Insurance

Coverage for motorcycles in PA is available for factory-built bikes as well as custom-built bikes. In addition to motorcycles, other “bikes” that would likely be covered under the category of motorcycle insurance coverage may include mopeds, scooters and minibikes, provided they are street legal and require a license to operate. If you ride an alternative bike that may not be viewed as a traditional motorcycle, be sure to check with your insurance carrier about required and available coverage.    

Final Thoughts on Motorcycle Insurance Coverage

Get your motorcycle insurance from a carrier that understands the unique insurance needs of riders. By choosing us, you’ll get exceptional value with a custom policy that’s as personal and unique as the bike you ride.

Plymouth Rock Assurance® and Plymouth Rock® are brand names and service marks used by separate underwriting, managed insurance, and management companies that offer property and casualty insurance in multiple states. Motorcycle insurance in Pennsylvania is underwritten by Rider Insurance Company. Each company is a separate legal entity that is financially responsible only for its own insurance products. Actual coverage is subject to the language of the policies as issued by each separate company.