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Compare Pennsylvania Homeowners Insurance Rates

Protecting your home with a comprehensive insurance policy is necessary. Your home is a valuable asset deserving of ample protection. But, you don’t have to overspend to get that level of financial protection and peace of mind. When you compare Pennsylvania home insurance rates, you’ll find there are many ways for you to save money without having to sacrifice quality customer service or a complete policy. At Plymouth Rock Assurance, we work with you to ensure your policy fits your budget and your home’s risks.

Compare Home Insurance Policies Carefully

It’s a misconception that you have to pay more to have a quality policy. In fact, you can find a comprehensive home insurance policy that provides complete coverage but still remains affordable. However, not all insurers offer the same type of policy or the same rate. When you compare home insurance policies with us, you’ll find you do have options and cost-savings solutions available to you.

Plymouth Rock Assurance has helped many people to save hundreds of dollars in home insurance. The amount you can save depends on many factors, but if you have not taken the time to compare policies yet, you are likely overpaying. It is our goal to help you gain coverage that fits your home while sticking within your budget.

Why You’ll Find Better Rates on Your Homeowners Insurance

Plymouth Rock will work with you to customize a policy that fits your home and your personal goals. We’re happy to help you find a policy that reflects the specific risks around your home. By taking the time to compare a variety of policy options, you are sure to find a cost-saving solution that meets each one of your needs.

You Don’t Have to Lose Fantastic Customer Service

Plymouth Rock Assurance is founded on providing exceptional service to our clients on a regular basis. When you call us, you get one-on-one conversations with an agent. If you need to file a claim, we’re happy to come to you and, in some cases, can write a claim check on the spot. We welcome all of your questions and are happy to help you find the best combination of features for just about any situation. All of this comes to you with our affordable pricing on home insurance. We put your safety and protecting your home’s needs first. We encourage you to give us a call whenever you are in need of assistance.

Compare PA Home Insurance With Our Money-Saving Discounts

The only thing better than getting great customer service is saving money. Plymouth Rock Assurance connects each one of our homeowners to a wide range of money-saving discounts. When you compare PA home insurance rates with us, you’ll see this in the details. We offer a range of discounts including multi-policy savings, home security savings, and savings for claims-free customers. To find out what discounts we can offer to you, give our team a call now. We’re happy to help you find the best rates possible.

You do not need to overpay for quality homeowners insurance. Instead, work closely with our professionals to learn what your options are and how we can help you save.

Go online, call 833-857-5848 or find a local agent and compare Pennsylvania homeowners insurance rates. If you need additional information, you can visit our Contact Us page.


Plymouth Rock Assurance is a marketing name used by a group of separate companies that write and manage property and casualty insurance in multiple states. Insurance in Pennsylvania is underwritten by Palisades Insurance Company, Palisades Property and Casualty Insurance Company and High Point Preferred Insurance Company.