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Windshield Replacement in Pennsylvania - Plymouth Rock

You’re driving down the road enjoying a song on your favorite radio station, or the latest episode of a podcast you follow. Suddenly, you hear the distinct sound of a stone or projectile making direct contact with the glass barrier that protects you from the outside world. Your eyes quickly scan your windshield hoping that the object that struck your vehicle simply ricocheted off into the distance and that you won’t need to consider windshield replacement.  Then you see it--a small diamond-shaped crack in your line of sight, just above the level of your steering wheel! Your heart sinks, but you quickly accept the reality of what has happened. Now it’s time to check your policy and, if you have purchased Comprehensive coverage, call your insurance carrier to determine your best course of action: windshield repair or replacement. 

If you’ve never had to repair a chip or crack in your windshield, or worse yet – had to replace an entire windshield, you’ve probably at least had a scare at some point in your travels. There are many situations that could result in a replacement of your windshield that include, but are not limited to, hail vandalism, rocks kicked up from other motorists, or projectiles falling off another vehicle and striking yours. An incident that results in damage to your windshield is enough to ruin your day, however choosing the right insurance carrier to help you with the repair or replacement process can make a huge difference.

Let’s consider the simple, 4-step process involved with repair or windshield replacement from the moment you realize your windshield is damaged to getting back on the road damage free.

Call Your Insurance Carrier to Report A Claim

When you realize your windshield has sustained damage, it’s best to pull over as soon as it is safe to do so and contact your insurance carrier immediately to file a claim. When you speak with the insurance representative, they will probably ask you a few questions that may include the time of day the incident occurred, where the damage took place, and how it happened. It’s in your best interest to answer these questions with as much detail as possible, so your insurance company can expedite the repair or replacement process for you. The more detail you are able to provide, the better.

Windshield Repair Company is Contacted

After your insurance carrier gathers all the details from you about the damage to your windshield, they will reach out to a local replacement company and explain the extent of the damage on your vehicle and suggest the repair or replacement that may be needed. Depending on your insurance carrier, they may ask you if you have a service provider preference, or just simply provide you a service company that is on their preferred provider list. Typically, it’s in your best interest to follow the instructions given by your insurance carrier in order to expedite the process with service and billing.

Repair Company Schedules Service

Following a call from your insurance carrier, a representative from the repair company will contact you to confirm the details about the type of vehicle you drive, and what date and time you are available to bring your vehicle in for repair. The service provider may even come to your personal residence or place of business to complete the repairs.

Your Windshield Is Replaced or Repaired

Depending on the damage to your windshield, the service company that has been contracted by your insurance carrier will either repair or replace your windshield. Determining factors between repairing your windshield or a full replacement may include the area of your windshield that is damaged, the circumference of impacted area or the length of a crack.  

Important Details to Consider with Windshield Replacement

According to the National Windshield Repair Association (NWRA), there are specific guidelines to follow when determining whether a vehicle windshield is repaired or replaced. Usually, a chip in your windshield smaller than the size of a quarter can be repaired. If your windshield is cracked, a repair can typically be made if the length of the crack is three inches or less. If you sustain a crack or chip in your windshield, it’s best to contact your insurance carrier right away, so you can get the damage repaired. Chips or cracks that can easily be repaired can turn into a full replacement if you wait too long. Regardless of what time of year it is, you’re typically going to have a relatively significant difference in temperature outside compared to the inside of your vehicle. Just as an ice cube cracks when you drop it in a glass of liquid that is room temperature, a crack or chip in your windshield can spread very quickly with temperature variance. Don’t wait – call on the same day!

Final Thoughts about Repairing or Replacing Your Windshield      

If the cost of a windshield repair or replacement is lower than your deductible, you may choose not to make a claim and simply make arrangements with a repair vendor on your own. Check your deductibles for windshield repair and replacement and decide if a claim makes sense.

There have been many advancements in windshield repair technology in the last few years, so the choice between a repair job and a full replacement will depend on the repair capabilities of the service company. Addressing a small chip or crack as soon as possible can save you from the much larger cost of a full replacement if the small chip or crack is left to spread.

As a driver in the state of Pennsylvania, you should have any chips or cracks in your windshield repaired as soon as possible if the damage is obstructing your view while operating your vehicle. Often, cracks will be horizontal and may be wavy, which can be distracting. As previously stated, it’s a best practice to contact your insurance carrier as soon as you’re safely able to make the call. If you have questions about windshield replacement or repair, a Plymouth Rock representative would be happy to assist you.  


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