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Who Needs Car Insurance in Pennsylvania? 

Have you been wondering if you need your own car insurance policy? There are many reasons you may need car insurance: protecting yourself, your passengers, your vehicle and your finances. According to the Pennsylvania Insurance Department, ALL vehicle owners are required to carry a $5,000 limit of Medical Benefits, $15,000 per person/$30,000 per accident limits of Bodily Injury Liability and a $5,000 limit of Physical Damage Liability. So the simple answer to “who needs car insurance?” is all vehicle owners in Pennsylvania.

But you still may have questions about specific circumstances: what if you don’t own a car or drive on a regular basis? Maybe you haven’t obtained your driver’s license yet. You may still need (and be required to have) the protection that car insurance provides. Here are a few scenarios that may provide some clarification.

You Don’t Own a Car

Maybe you have a driver’s license, but you don’t own a car. Many people who live in urban areas choose not to own a car because public transportation is a cheaper, more efficient way to travel. Do you still need car insurance? One problem arises when you rent a car to travel for work or pleasure, or to visit your relative who lives out in the suburbs.

 Although most car rental agencies offer some type of “insurance” or “protection” when checking you into a rental, the coverage offered is insufficient. If you do not own a car, but are a licensed driver in PA who drives infrequently, you should look to obtain a non-owner auto insurance policy from a carrier that offers that kind of policy. 

You Own a Vehicle, but Don’t Drive Regularly

What if you own a car, but you rarely drive? There may be a temptation to drop your car insurance coverage, but even if you drive a very limited number of miles, this is not a risk worth taking, and, importantly, PA requires you to be insured no matter how much or little you drive.

Most car insurance carriers offer lower rates for those who drive limited miles. Be sure to tell your insurance agent about your low mileage when you shop for an auto policy and be sure to stay continuously insured.

You Have a Learner’s Permit 

Are you in the process of obtaining your driver’s license? If you are a teenager who is driving a car on a regular basis that is owned by a parent or guardian, the insurance carrier should be notified about your new status as a permitted learner.

Generally speaking, most car insurance carriers issue a policy that follows the vehicle, which means that if you’re driving a car owned by your parent, the coverage in the policy will be extended to you as well, as a driver of that vehicle. However, you should be listed explicitly as a driver on the household policy.  

Your License Has Been Suspended

If your driver’s license has been suspended, and you receive a renewal offer from your car insurance carrier, it’s in your best interest to maintain your coverage. Even if you’re not driving (and you shouldn’t be) while your license is in suspension, you may have trouble getting coverage in the future if you cancel your car insurance policy. A time gap in coverage may raise a red flag with future carriers if you decide to shop for coverage after your lapse in insurance.     

You’re a Listed Driver on Someone Else’s Policy

Depending on your living situation, you may not have your own car or insurance policy. But if you do drive, you need to have car insurance, so you should be listed as a driver on the insurance policy of the vehicle owner you live with.

Being listed by name as a driver on an auto insurance policy may afford you most of the same coverage protections that apply to the primary driver who owns the policy. Most insurers require that all licensed drivers in the household be listed, regardless of relationship to the named insured.

Final Thoughts on Car Insurance Needs

The bottom line is that if you ever drive a vehicle for any reason, you need car insurance. Either you need to be listed as a driver on the car insurance policy of a household member, or you need to have your own coverage. Besides the fact that maintaining the required coverage limits in PA is mandated by state law for all vehicle owners, car insurance will protect you, your passengers and your finances.

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