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Liability Auto Insurance in PA 

Who needs liability insurance? Everyone who wants to drive legally and safely. If you plan to get behind the wheel of a vehicle in the state of Pennsylvania (or most other states), and operate that vehicle on public roadways, you need to have liability insurance on your auto policy. Liability insurance is basic, required coverage that pays for injury to other people and damage to their property when that damage is caused by you. Essentially, your liability insurance covers damages to other people, but not damage to you, or your vehicle. So, who needs liability insurance? You do! Generally, there are two categories of auto liability insurance that cover people and property in the unfortunate event there is an auto accident that is your fault.

There Are Two Categories of Liability Insurance

  • Property Damage – When someone else’s property is damaged as a result of you hitting it with your car, liability insurance will usually cover the cost to repair or replace it up to the coverage limit you have selected. Typically, this damage will be to another person’s car; however, damage to stationary objects such as fences, houses, or telephone poles would most likely be covered as a result of an auto accident that is determined to be your fault. In Pennsylvania, the required minimum limit for property damage liability is $5,000. Of course, there could be considerably more damage than the required $5,000 limit, but at least you’re driving legally. Most licensed agents will recommend that you carry more liability coverage than the state minimum.
  • Bodily Injury – When another person is physically injured as a result of a car accident that’s your fault, the liability insurance part of your auto policy will typically cover the other party’s medical expenses and claims for pain and suffering up to the limits stated on your policy. This is perhaps the most important part of the liability insurance on your auto policy. In Pennsylvania, the required minimum limits for bodily injury liability are $15,000 per person, and $30,000 per accident. For example, the required limit of $15,000 would be the maximum coverage for one person you injure in an accident. If more than one person is injured in the accident, each person could receive up to $15,000 for an injury, but the total amount paid from this policy to all of the injured people would not exceed the $30,000 maximum per accident. There could be many scenarios that involve multiple cars, drivers and passengers that these required limits would apply to in the event you’re at fault in an auto accident.

Driving Without Auto Insurance in Pennsylvania

If you are found to be driving a vehicle in PA without insurance, you’re in big trouble! The penalties for driving without liability insurance may include having your license suspended for three months, your vehicle impounded, and a $300 fine. On top of that, you’ll have to pay another $50 to have your vehicle registered again when you get your license back. Certainly, it’s unwise to even consider taking this unsafe and illegal risk. Basically, you should consider having liability insurance to be as important as an engine and four tires to get you where you’re going. Operating a vehicle in Pennsylvania without liability insurance means driving without insurance, which is not only dangerous – it’s against the law!

Final Thoughts on Who Should Have Liability Insurance

It’s important to remember that driving a vehicle in Pennsylvania is a privilege. As a mature, responsible driver you will no doubt appreciate the risks associated with operating a vehicle; carrying the liability insurance that protects you as well as other drivers is the right thing to do. Remember, liability insurance isn’t optional — it’s the law.
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