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Importance of Having Auto Insurance Coverage in PA

Why do you need to buy auto insurance? What is the importance of having insurance coverage in Pennsylvania? Many people do not see the value of this type of insurance product until they need to file a claim. However, auto insurance is the type of investment you make to protect your vehicle from loss. There are many risks you face as a property owner and having comprehensive financial protection is necessary to keep your vehicle protected. Here are some of the key reasons you will benefit from having car insurance.

You May Be Required to Maintain Coverage

Many drivers have to have auto insurance. If you finance or lease your vehicle, your lender or leasing company will require that you maintain comprehensive coverage, collision insurance, underinsured and uninsured driver coverage. This type of auto insurance coverage helps to protect their investment in your vehicle.

Most states also have auto insurance requirements. States with liability insurance requirements will set minimum levels of coverage you must have to operate a vehicle in that state. Liability insurance covers other drivers if you cause damage to their car. For example, if you strike their car with your own, this type of insurance may cover the damage to their car and medical bills that occur.

You Minimize Financial Risk to Your Property

Another key reason to invest in auto insurance is to protect your investment. Every vehicle owner needs to consider how important it is for them to maintain insurance coverage. For example, if you were involved in an accident in which your car incurred significant damage, could you replace it without worry and concern? If not, then it may be time to consider insurance.

Auto insurance can protect you from a variety of risks. Depending on the policy you choose, this may include risks such as:

• Fires
• Thefts
• Storm damage including hail, tornadoes, and lightning strikes
• Damage from collisions
• Damage related to vandalism or riots

Imagine the Cost of Lawsuits

One of the reasons to maintain auto insurance has to do with liability insurance risks. If you are involved in a car accident, and you do not have enough auto insurance, the other party can file a lawsuit against you for the damages. This means your home and other assets may be at risk as a result.

However, if you have a full coverage policy, you gain outstanding support. Your auto insurance policy may help cover a settlement or judgment against you in such a lawsuit. And, the insurance policy may include coverage for your legal defense. This means they will help you defend yourself in court from these types of charges.

Not everyone needs to have all types of auto insurance. However, most drivers need to maintain these policies. Doing so reduces a significant amount of risk to you. Most policies are cost-effective and, if you are involved in a significant accident, they may pay for themselves right away. Yet, they also create a sense of peace of mind. You know having coverage in place means you do not have to worry about incidents that may occur – and that do occur every day to drivers.

Getting an auto insurance quote may show you just how affordable these types of policies can be. Learn more about the type of car insurance you are required to maintain as well as what discounts are available for you.

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