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What To Do if Your Car Is Stolen in PA - Plymouth Rock

Having your car stolen can make you feel helpless, angry, exposed and left wondering what to do. However, if it happens to you, you are far from alone. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says that a car is stolen every 44 seconds in the United States. Keep these steps in mind and learn about what to do if your car is stolen, as they may help the process go more smoothly:

Ensure that it was stolen

While theft is a likely reason that your car is not where you left it, you should eliminate other possible explanations as soon as possible. Were you parked away from home in a parking lot? Double check for "no parking" or "tow away zone" signs, as your vehicle may have been towed.

Check the area to see if you were mistaken about the location of your car. Many parking lots look alike and rather than your car being stolen, you may have just forgotten where you parked. You should also check with roommates or family members to ensure that no one borrowed your car without asking permission first.

Contact the police to make a report

This call should be made before you call your insurer. It is easier for your insurance company to process a claim with a police report in hand.

Make sure you have all the relevant information handy when filing your report with the police. In Pennsylvania you'll need the car's make, model, location and Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). Your car’s insurance card will list your vehicle's VIN. Provide this number when you make your report so that the authorities have the information they need. If your vehicle has GPS tracking or telemetrics, let the police know. They may be able to use this information to locate your vehicle.

Contact your insurance company to report the theft

The next call after the police should be to your insurance company. Your agent will walk you through a number of detailed questions so that they can begin processing your claim. For instance they will want to know the names of people who had access to the vehicle, the location of all of your keys and other information. Make a list of all the possessions you had in the car. Replacement may be covered under your insurance policy.

If you only have liability coverage, it is still important to call your insurer. Notifying your insurance company can help protect you from claims if someone who stole your vehicle uses it to damage other property.

Contact your leasing or finance company

If you are leasing or financing the car, you will also need to notify the lender of the theft. In some cases, your car insurance company will work directly with the leasing or finance company instead of working through you.

Continue working with your insurance company if your car is recovered

Depending on your type of coverage, your insurance company can assess any damage to the car. They'll make a determination of whether it needs to be repaired or replaced.

This experience can be a traumatic experience. However, carrying insurance coverage that is appropriate for your vehicle and your risk can help . By making sure that you are covered financially in the event of a stolen car, you can hand your concerns over to your insurance company and let them handle the rest.

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