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7 Hidden Car Insurance Discounts in PA Uncovered

Most auto insurance companies advertise competitive rates and discounts. At the same time, most people find that the price of their coverage only rises over time. Every insurer doesn't have the same discounts or apply them in exactly the same way. Since car insurance is one necessary cost that every vehicle owner needs to pay in the state of Pennsylvania, it's worth it to look around, get a quote and uncover some hidden auto discounts that you might already qualify for. 

Uncover Seven Hidden Auto Insurance Discounts

Here are some common discounts that some insurance companies may offer that may help lower your premium.

1. Bundling Discounts

You might already know that you can get a discount if you insure more than one vehicle with the same company. Did you also know that you can reduce your premiums by placing more than one kind of coverage with one insurer? Some examples that can help reduce your car insurance premiums could include homeowners, renters, or even boat insurance.

2. Low Mileage

If you don't drive very much, you can find insurance companies who will give you a break on your price. Some insurance companies will require you to install a simple electronic device to monitor your driving. While the definition of low mileage differs, most insurers set the range between 7,500 and 15,000 miles a year.

3. Students

If you have a teen or young adult in the family, you probably already know that insurance companies consider them as high risks. On the other hand, most insurers will offer high school and college students with B averages or better a discount. In addition, tell insurance companies if your student has traveled away from home for college and won't drive the family car during the school year. Auto insurers will usually give you a break if your college student isn't home to drive most of the year.

4. Green Driving

A few insurance companies have started to offer discounts for people who drive eco-friendly cars. These insurers don't necessarily believe hybrids and other environmentally friendly cars are safer. Their statistics do support the idea that people who buy these cars tend to be very responsible with them and also, have fewer accidents.

5. Paying in Full

If you pay your bill upfront, you can save. Plus you also save yourself the hassle of a monthly bill.

6. Professions

Some insurance companies consider certain professions as lower risk than others. These will vary, but some common professions include first responders, military members, teachers, scientists, and engineers. Auto insurance companies collect data that supports the idea that people in these professions make fewer claims, so they may offer rates that reflect this.

7. Safe Drivers

Of course, maintaining a clean driving record helps keep premiums low. The longer you drive without a traffic ticket or an accident, the lower your rates will be. You may be able to offset a ticket or accident by taking a defensive driving course as well.

Which Hidden Car Insurance Discounts Are You Missing?

Car insurance companies don't try to hide discounts. They offer price breaks to attract the kinds of drivers that they would rather cover. However, they don't always advertise all discounts, so you might need to work to uncover them. An insurance agent can offer you the information you need to uncover the best value for you and your family

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