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Getting a Gap Insurance Quote in Pennsylvania - Plymouth Rock

Drivers should know what to expect when getting a gap insurance quote because the investment in gap coverage can prevent a financial setback, especially if buying a new car. By simply getting a quote, it is possible to learn how affordable it is to purchase this type of protection. Individuals seeking coverage should know what to expect from any insurance provider.

What Is Gap Insurance?

Gap insurance coverage helps provide financial protection in situations where the current value of the vehicle is less than a debt owed on it. It is quite common for a new car buyer’s loan issuer to require this type of insurance. It can help to minimize loss if an accident occurs during the first few months of ownership, where the value of the vehicle depreciates so quickly.

Here is an example. An individual purchases a new truck for $30,000. Then, two months later, it is in an accident and is considered totaled.. However, because the truck is no longer brand new, it was not worth $30,000 at the time of the accident. New vehicles depreciate very quickly over the first few months. In this situation, the insurance company determines the current value of the car at the time of the accident. It could be worth just $28,000 at this time. If the owner owes more on his or her loan than this, the owner is responsible for repaying the remainder.

Gap insurance can fill in this lack of coverage. In this example, it may pay up to $2,000 to cover the costs associated with covering the loan.

When to Invest

Investing in gap insurance is nearly always a good idea when a new car purchase takes place. These vehicles depreciate rapidly in value once someone buys them. In addition, this type of policy is ideal for people who expect the vehicle’s value to fall quickly or in some leasing situations.  

Where Can I Get A Quote?

It is possible to obtain gap insurance quotes from various insurance companies. You do not have to stick with your current insurer. At the same time, you do not have to settle for coverage provided by leasing companies or lenders. Rather, seek out local auto insurance providers specializing in comprehensive vehicle coverage. Most of these companies will offer gap insurance.

Be careful about what you buy and compare. Not all policies are the same. Some have a limit on how much coverage they provide or in which situations they apply. Also, learn how gap insurance works in your situation. What is the current value of the car? What do you owe on it right now? When will you no longer need gap insurance? Ask your insurer for information on gap insurance quotes for a variety of needs.

How Do I Get Gap Insurance Quotes?

To apply for gap insurance individuals should simply contact their insurer or agent to request this information. It is important to know insurance quotes range widely in terms of cost. However, this type of policy tends to be very affordable. It can also be kept affordable by bundling it into an existing auto insurance plan.

To obtain gap insurance quotes, individuals should provide information about their make and model, how much they owe on it, and the condition of the vehicle. The insurer can then use this information to help you determine the value of the car and if gap insurance is beneficial. You may not need gap insurance for the life of your car ownership, but you should consider investing in it if you owe more than your vehicle is worth.

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