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Do you have the best car insurance? That may not be an easy question to answer if you’re not sure what to look for. As a resident of the Empire State, it’s important to know what factors need to be considered when choosing a car insurance carrier. Determining if you have the best car insurance in New York, requires some general knowledge about consumer value in the insurance marketplace.

Coverage and Limits

Making a determination about the best car insurance coverage you need depends on many factors, including the type of car you drive, how many miles you drive, and where you live. If you drive a late model car that you’ve financed and plan to keep driving for the next few years, it’s highly recommended that you have both comprehensive and collision coverage in addition to liability. If you drive a high-mileage, older car, it may be time to consider dropping comprehensive and collision coverage.

Customer Service

Great customer service may not be easy to find in an age when the pace is faster than ever before, and “service” is routinely outsourced or left to a chatbot. Personal and responsive customer service is not something you should leave to chance as an insurance consumer. 

Distinguishing between one carrier and another when it comes to great service can sometimes be difficult, but you can get some clues about the best choice during your initial interactions. When you call your carrier, how long are you placed on hold? Do you receive a warm greeting from a friendly representative, or are you treated like a number? 

Sometimes great service can be hard to put into words, but surely you know when you’ve received poor service. Online reviews can also give you some clues, but be sure to consider both complimentary and critical reviews as you weigh your decision.

Claims Management

Nobody wants to have to make an insurance claim, but when it happens, it’s nice to know your insurance carrier will be there to help you repair or replace your vehicle as efficiently as possible. There are several moving parts that come into play when you file a car insurance claim. For example, the first notice of loss will generally be handled by a claims representative when you call your carrier to notify them of an accident. An adjuster will usually come out to inspect the damage and help you to make arrangements to have your car repaired at a local body shop. The adjuster may even help reserve a rental car for you if you carry rental reimbursement coverage. 

Some auto insurance companies have technology in place that allows you to send photos of the damage and expedite the claims process without having to wait for an on-site visit. How your claim is managed can make you a customer for life, or make you want to explore other options. The best auto insurers will have processes in place to make the claims process fast, easy and transparent. 

Ask trusted friends about their claims experience with their insurance companies and ask your agent what sets an insurance company apart when it comes to claims servicing so that you can know if you are getting the best service.

Flexible Payment Options

Making timely payments is a requirement with all car insurance carriers, and having the flexibility to choose convenient payment terms makes life a little easier. For example, being able to choose between making payments monthly, quarterly or annually can help you find a payment plan that works best for you. 

Depending on the carrier you choose, you may even receive a premium discount when making a full annual payment. You may also want to check out what a company offers in terms of mobile apps or online options for making payments. Be sure to ask about installment fees if you are not paying in full when you buy the policy.

Final Thoughts on Best Car Insurance

Everyone wants the best car insurance, but balancing price and service usually requires doing some homework. Let us help you become better informed about your choices. If you’re seeking a car insurance carrier that offers great overall value in New York, consider Plymouth Rock Assurance. Plymouth Rock has been insuring motorists in the northeast for decades, providing cutting-edge claims- servicing technology, excellent service and flexible payment options. Call Plymouth Rock today to speak with a friendly, knowledgeable representative. You can also read more about insurance packages and companies as well as information you should know about getting insurance quotes.

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