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It may be hard to put into words the feeling you get cruising down the Garden State Parkway on a warm summer evening. “Freedom?” “Exhilaration?” Several words come to mind. Whether it’s your bike, your home, your car or your boat, those important memory-making possessions need to be looked after with care, and insuring them is part of caring for them. For bike owners there are a variety of carrier choices and coverage options to explore if you are looking for motorcycle insurance companies in New Jersey. Knowing your options will help you make an informed decision about protecting yourself and your bike.

Specialty Motorcycle Coverage

Many companies, large and small, offer motorcycle insurance. Smaller carriers that specialize in motorcycle coverage and don’t offer home or auto policies may not be able to offer the same kinds of bundling or package discounts that larger carriers do. However, these specialty companies will typically offer more standard coverage options such as towing and rental reimbursement, and mechanical breakdown coverage. Larger carriers that provide motorcycle insurance may offer these types of coverages as well, but may charge a higher premium to include them. Also, smaller carriers that specialize in motorcycle coverage will usually offer an agreed value coverage that you will not typically see with larger carriers. This may be especially important to consider if you ride an older bike that could be classified as “vintage” or “antique.” Also, smaller specialty carriers usually provide built-in coverage for safety apparel that protects you when you’re riding.

Carriers That Offer Motorcycle Coverage

Large insurance carriers that underwrite several lines of insurance, like home and auto, are generally able to provide bundling discounts when you combine coverage for your bike, home and other vehicles. Larger carriers that provide motorcycle coverage can potentially offer more customer and claims support with 24/7 claims service, mobile apps to file claims, and websites that offer extensive educational content. There can also be a convenience factor to consider with a larger carrier owing to the ability to manage multiple policies with one company as opposed to having to keep track of coverage and payments with two or more carriers.

Specialty Insurance vs. Bundling Coverage

So, should you focus on coverage with a smaller, specialty carrier for motorcycle insurance, or go after potential savings with a larger insurance carrier that is able to provide a bundling discount? The answer is not a “one size fits all” solution. It depends on a few personal specifics, such as the type of bike you ride, what type of insurance coverage you may already have in place and what you’re able to afford. It’s important to examine the differences that may exist between carriers and consider the trade-offs for doing business with each. Although every carrier is different, here are some general comparisons to help summarize the difference between smaller, specialty carriers and larger companies that offer motorcycle insurance:

Small Specialty Carriers

Potential Pros:

  • Agreed value coverage
  • Better standard coverage
  • Safety apparel coverage

Larger Multi-Line Carriers

Potential Pros:

  • Bundling discounts
  • Potentially more customer and claims servicing resources
  • Ease of managing multiple policies
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