New Jersey Motorcycle Insurance Coverage for Your Bike

If you're shopping for motorcycle insurance in New Jersey, you've come to the right place. With Plymouth Rock Assurance, you’ll find peace of mind with protection for all of the important assets in your life. Motorcycle insurance through Plymouth Rock gives you the opportunity to enjoy the open road knowing you are backed by a high level of protection and care.

You should consider the coverage options available to you in NJ when shopping for motorcycle insurance. Plymouth Rock offers new bike replacement for destroyed or stolen motorcycles that are two model years old or newer, zero-deductible replacement for helmet and safety apparel, meal and hotel reimbursement if your bike breaks down away from home, towing and emergency road service, and more. Accessory coverage is included for up to $3,000, with higher limits available. A variety of motorcycle insurance discounts and payment options are available through Plymouth Rock in New Jersey to help you maximize your savings.  Read further information about getting your motorcycle license.

You can also purchase other types of insurance through our agent relationships and affiliates. Protect the important assets in your life with car insurance, collector auto insurance, homeowners insurance, commercial vehicle insurance, boat insurance, motor home insurance and umbrella insurance.  Click here to find out about the different insurance coverage options we offer in the state.

Call 855-993-4470 or find a local agent from Plymouth Rock Assurance to see how much you can save on motorcycle insurance in New Jersey, and if you need additional information you can visit our Contact Us page.

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