New Jersey Homeowners Insurance – Plymouth Rock Assurance

You deserve complete peace of mind when protecting your home and your family. Whether you own or rent, your home and possessions are likely your biggest investments. If you’re looking for homeowners insurance in NJ to protect your house — inside and out — Plymouth Rock Assurance has you covered. Get a quote in just a few minutes.

With a homeowners insurance policy, you’ll get expert advice and help in protecting against the unfortunate and the unforeseen, from lightning strikes and fires, to hurricanes and theft. Plus, by combining a home insurance policy with your auto insurance policy, you could save money.

Purchasing Home Insurance in New Jersey

Home insurance in New Jersey doesn’t have to be confusing. We’ll walk you through all of your options. The right amount of coverage is critical if you should ever need to repair or rebuild your home because of damage. You’ll also get help in thinking about the possessions in your home that you want to protect, from everyday items to more valuable belongings. Read more information about coverage options available by clicking here.

Understanding Your Options

There are many aspects of a policy that protect different parts of your property. While you’ll have help considering these coverages, you can brush up on your policy options to have an informed conversation with your insurance professional.

Save Money On Your Policy

You can maximize your savings when you buy both insurance for your home and car through our company. Plus, you’ll be able to take advantage of other discounts to lower your rate when you get a homeowners insurance quote. You could save for having certain safety features inside your home, a newer roof or a five-year claims-free history. We’ll ensure you take advantage of all your applicable discounts, so you get the best value possible.

All of Your Insurance Under One Roof

You can protect more than just your home and car through our company. Make your life easier by getting all of your insurance under one roof. You can also find out more information about condo, renters, and personal property policies we offer.

Call us at 833-857-5848, get a quote online or find a local agent to see how you can save on homeowners insurance in NJ, and if you have any questions you can visit our Contact Us page.