The Importance of Flood Insurance in New Jersey – Plymouth Rock Assurance

Most homeowners insurance policies in New Jersey do not provide coverage for damage caused by flooding, so it is important to consider purchasing additional protection. In high risk flood zones, federally regulated or insured lenders must require borrowers to purchase flood insurance

Floods in General Policies

In most basic homeowners insurance policies, flooding is not covered unless it is related to another problem that is covered. For example, if a fire causes a pipe to break and flooding occurs, then the water damage may be covered along with the damage caused by a fire. Floods from storms, tsunamis, or other natural disasters are normally not covered under a basic home policy.

Problems that New Jersey Residents May Face

Flooding is common in certain parts of New Jersey. Along the shore or near rivers, residents may face storm surges or floods from the weather conditions. Flood insurance can help cover water damage to your home caused by different types of flooding.

There is normally a 30-day waiting period before a flood insurance policy takes effect, so it’s a good idea to purchase your policy as soon as possible. We can help you purchase coverage through the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) today!

We also offer other types of coverage options through partnerships and agent relationships. Read more information about auto insurance and get additional protection for the important assets in your life with an umbrella policy.

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