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Switching Business Auto Insurance Companies in New Jersey

For many business owners, the road to success is paved by their commercial automobiles. When having cars on the road is critical to daily operations, partnering with the right business auto insurance company in New Jersey is just as important.

With so many companies offering business car insurance, how do you, as a responsible business owner, locate the best one — and best coverage options — to meet the needs and demands of your business? The following list provides important considerations to help you get started.

Experience Is a Good Teacher

Having an independent agent familiar with your location and your industry can be instrumental in ensuring that your coverage needs are addressed by the business automobile insurance policy written for your New Jersey-based company.

Payment Options

Depending on the size of your business and on your monthly cash flow, having flexible payment options can help maintain the necessary cash flow for daily operations. With Plymouth Rock, you can choose from paying in full, paying by installments, making electronic or EFT payments, or using a premium finance company to make your payments.

Claims Processing

When accidents happen involving a commercial vehicle, every moment the vehicle is out of service affects your business's overall operations. You’ll need an insurance company with a high claims satisfaction rating and a proven record of prompt resolution to help keep your business moving.

Learn information about the different coverage options we offer to customers and what business vehicle insurance is.  You also can read information about commercial auto liability coverage or find out more about getting quotes.

Call 866-233-9807 or find a local independent agent through Plymouth Rock to learn more about switching business auto insurance companies in New Jersey.  If you need additional information it can be found on our Contact Us page.