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When Do You Need Small Business Car Insurance in New Jersey?

Small business car insurance in New Jersey can help protect what you’ve worked so hard to build, whether you’re the Main Street florist or the family-owned plumbing company.
After everything you’ve put into your business – all those late nights, missed family events and forgotten birthdays – make sure it’s not vulnerable to liability risks. Vehicle insurance for your business can help protect your company if one of your vehicles is involved in an accident.

There’s an easy way to know if you need commercial insurance for your company’s vehicles: if you use vehicles for any business-related purpose other than commuting, you may need small business car insurance.

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Why You Need It

Beyond protecting your business, a commercial auto policy can help you meet legal requirements. The state of New Jersey requires that all vehicles be covered with insurance that meet minimum liability requirements, whether they are personal or commercial.

And, it’s standard practice that personal auto policies will not cover vehicles that are used for a commercial purpose. So, the pickup truck you use to grab pizza for family dinner or drop your kids off at school needs a commercial policy if you also use it for your contracting business.

Here’s another example. Say you’re driving that truck without commercial insurance. While en route to a client meeting you get into an accident. Because you don’t have commercial vehicle insurance, you risk having to shoulder the damages from that accident on your own. That could put your business assets at risk. A commercial vehicle insurance policy can help guard against that kind of a scenario.

Learn More

If you’re shopping around for a commercial policy, read about what to look for beyond just price, like added benefits and services that get your vehicles up and running after an accident. You can also learn more about the available commercial coverages, so you can customize your policy to your company’s needs.

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