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The Importance of Having Commercial Car Insurance

If your business owns, leases, or operates private passenger-type vehicles in New Jersey, it’s important that you have commercial car insurance.  When using vehicles for business purposes, whether it’s your weekend job delivering pizzas or for your full-time contracting business, a personal auto insurance policy will typically not provide coverage. As a result, it is likely that you do not have coverage if you have an accident, your passengers are injured, or your car is damaged.

Here’s why: every vehicle that is used in the course of business must be covered by an insurance policy that meets certain minimum coverage requirements. That policy typically needs to be one specifically for commercial auto insurance. Plymouth Rock might have the coverage you need.

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How It Covers Your Vehicles

At its core, car insurance for your business protects your company from liability. If you or one of your employees causes an accident, your company could be held financially responsible for related medical bills or property damage.

Commercial auto insurance, which is also called business auto insurance, protects the investments you’ve made in your company vehicles. Vehicles are expensive on their own, and many businesses load them with costly merchandise and equipment. If an accident, weather damage, or theft occurs, all of these investments are at risk. The right commercial auto policy can pay to replace or repair your vehicles and possibly their contents in the event of loss.

If you use your personal vehicle for business purposes, it will probably still need a commercial policy or endorsement depending on the situation. You don’t want to rely on your personal insurance for coverage when you’re on the clock. That’s because many personal auto policies exclude business use from coverage, which could leave you exposed to costly liability. 

Learn More About NJ Commercial Vehicle Coverage

Your commercial auto policy comes with options to help you tailor your coverage to your needs. And, you can read about all of the ways you can save money with Plymouth Rock’s commercial auto discounts. Read more about those discounts here.

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