Classic Car Insurance Companies in New Jersey

When the sun is beaming and the weather heats up, New Jersey becomes a haven for hot rodders and classic car enthusiasts and home to some of the best classic car events in the country! From the vintage rock and roll on offer at the Ocean Grove Vintage Car Show to the laid-back cruising of the Frank V. Panzone Memorial Cruise, if you’re a lover of American collector autos, New Jersey is an automotive historical hotspot. In order to protect these time-honored treasures, owners should know what to look for when researching classic car insurance companies. This includes the key features to look for and the pitfalls to avoid, to insure getting the best deal on the coverage you need.

The Difference Between Standard Car Insurance & Classic Car Insurance

A quick Google search will reveal a host of New Jersey insurers offering coverage for your collector car. They may look the same, but they couldn’t be more different. Each insurance provider will have their own individual criteria that must be met in order for your car to be deemed classic or antique.

While most of the large insurance companies offer some form of classic car insurance, some of them may not have the specialized local knowledge needed. This not only helps to ensure that you meet minimum state requirements but it can also save you money. 

Classic car insurance companies recognize that your vehicle will spend much more time in storage than your everyday vehicle. As there is a reduced probability of an accident occurring, there is a reduced chance you will need to make an insurance claim. To reflect this, classic car insurance policies are generally less expensive, with lower annual premiums, than standard automotive insurance policies. 

Finally, collector cars are a piece of automotive history. Any time they’re being repaired, transported or enjoyed, their heritage and value need to be protected. When covered repairs are necessary you need to have an insurance company that you can trust to organize authentic replacement parts.

When the Cheapest Classic Car Insurance Policy Isn’t the Best

Plenty of classic car insurers advertise cheap rates, and of course, price is something everybody considers – but there are some other important factors to think about before you take out coverage as the cheapest insurance policy could end up costing you more in the long run.
The main reason some companies can offer cheap classic car insurance is they provide a lower amount of liability coverage. Carrying the bare minimum of insurance is always a recipe for disaster as these amounts are unlikely to fully cover repair or medical bills, leaving you personally responsible to cover the balance.

Watch Out For These Classic Car Insurance Traps

Insurance policies can be confusing – we get it. When you’re browsing classic car insurance policies, pay particular attention to these considerations:
Mileage: It’s fairly typical to agree to a mileage cap but it’s better to choose a higher limit than you’ll need because if you exceed it, your coverage may be invalid.
Storage: In most cases, you will be required to store your car in an enclosed and locked storage space. This may be not only a condition of your policy, it’s common sense.

What Qualifies as a Classic Car?

A classic car means different things to different people, but these are the types of vehicle that may be covered by a classic car insurance policy:
• Antique cars and trucks
• Exotic cars
• Classic car replicas (in some circumstances)
• Hot rods
• Low riders
• Muscle cars
• Street rods
• Vintage vehicles
• Classic cars
• Modern classic cars
• Kit cars
• Military vehicles
• Race cars

Key Features to Look For In Classic Car Insurance

Classic car insurance may seem similar to your regular car insurance policy – however, chances are you won’t be driving your classic car to work or to go shopping every day. Therefore, there are some fundamental differences you should be aware of and some optional extras you might want to include when researching companies to insure your classic car.

Roadside Assistance: It’s fair to say that antique cars can be a little more temperamental than their modern counterparts and if your car does break down, the last thing you want to do is hand it over to an unknown and potentially careless tow truck driver. If you select roadside assistance as an option, opt for a policy that only allows your vehicle to be recovered by a flatbed tow truck or one that lets you choose your own towing company.

Hotel & Rental Car Assistance: Breaking down when you’re on your way somewhere can be a huge inconvenience but travel assistance can minimize the stress by assisting with accommodations and a rental car.

Auto Show Coverage: Of course, owners of antique cars enjoy showing off their vehicles at shows and auto show coverage provides protection for that. If somebody is injured in your exhibition space, auto show coverage may provide coverage of medical expenses, regardless of who is deemed to be at fault. 

Spare Part Coverage: Part of the fun of owning a classic car is tracking down those elusive parts. When you hit a goldmine, you may be tempted to hoard some spares for the future. Even though these parts are not attached to your car, they may still be covered by your insurance policy.

Track Days: Some owners believe cars are meant to be driven! To support them, some New Jersey classic car insurers will offer an insurance option for limited track use. Be sure to mention to your insurer if you ever plan on taking part in any form of circuit racing or classic car rallies as you could void your insurance if you don’t.

How to Save Money on Insurance for Your Collector Car

New Jersey residents can take advantage of discounts that insurers may offer to those who have completed an approved defensive driver course. There are two driver programs that may reduce points on your license and reduce your insurance rate.

How to Take Out Classic Car Insurance in New Jersey

Choosing the right classic car insurance for your needs can be difficult, but the experts at Plymouth Rock Assurance make it quick and easy to choose the best coverage for your vehicle. Our insurance experts go above and beyond to take the mystery out of car insurance and provide each and every policyholder with optimal coverage. Get a free quote by calling us today.

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