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What Affects Car Insurance Rates - Plymouth Rock Assurance

By looking at a few key personal factors, you may be able to tell if you’re likely to pay less for insurance than your friends or family members. Here are just some of the factors that may affect car insurance rates. While these are common rating factors for insurers, it’s important to know that each company will evaluate you in their own way.

Your Coverage and Deductibles

Nearly every state in the country requires that drivers have some insurance – typically liability coverage. But, there are many other coverages available. Depending on your needs, it could be smart to purchase collision and comprehensive insurance, which will probably change your rate. Lowering or raising your deductible will also affect your overall rate.

What You Drive and How You Drive It

Generally speaking, older model cars cost less to insure, while newer and luxury cars will cost more. That’s not true in every case, but it’s a good rule of thumb.

There is one thing about your car that has zero impact on rate: the color. It’s a common misconception that red cars, regardless of make or model, cost more to insure. That’s just not true.

Beyond your car, how you typically drive it can affect your rate. For the most part, drivers with a clean record, no at-fault accidents and no claims will pay less for insurance than a driver with a history of accidents, violations or suspensions.

The average distance you drive each year can play a role (lower miles driven decreases your exposure to risk). And, using your car for business, instead of exclusively for personal reasons may also influence your rate.

Personal Factors

This can include things like your age, gender and marital status. Maintaining a safe record is the best way to show an insurance company you’re a responsible driver that deserves a lower rate. Your premium could also be lower (or higher) depending on where you live and park your vehicle – known in the insurance industry as “garaging location.”

Other personal factors could help lower your rate! Read about Plymouth Rock’s many auto insurance discounts.

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