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The Cost of Collision Insurance

Generally speaking, there are two ways you can figure out the cost of collision insurance. The first is you can spend time researching averages, clicking through web pages and reading studies on the internet – but who has time for that? Plus, you’ll only end up with a vague idea of your cost of collision insurance.

If you’ve ever talked to your friends or family about insurance, you already know that not everyone pays the same. That murky idea of cost doesn’t really offer much help when it comes to your household budget.

The second way – the better way – is to simply get a quote. It’s fast, free and you’ll know exactly how much collision insurance will cost you. Plus, there’s no obligation to buy. What are you waiting for? Simply fill out the short form to get started.

The Average Cost of Collision Insurance

Again, there’s a good chance your collision insurance cost will be different than a general average. But, for what it’s worth, the average per vehicle cost of collision insurance in New Jersey in 2014 was $371.36, according to a study from the Insurance Information Institute.

Your cost for collision insurance will vary and will be based on things like your driving history (drivers with a safe record tend to pay less), the kind of car you drive, how much you drive and your deductible (generally speaking, a higher deductible will save you money, but you may need to pay more out of pocket in the unfortunate event of an accident).

What Does Collision Insurance Cover?

This coverage can help you pay for physical damages to your car if you’re involved in a covered accident (think fender benders, hitting stationary objects, colliding with other cars and so on). It doesn’t cover wear and tear, mechanical breakdowns or damage from hitting an animal (that last one typically falls under comprehensive coverage).

While collision is not a coverage that’s mandated by the state of New Jersey, most financial institutions make having collision coverage a condition of a loan. That means you may be required to purchase it if you financed or leased your car.

Get Your Cost of Collision Insurance Now

Forget about averages and estimates. Get your Plymouth Rock quote to find out your price for collision insurance … and all the other coverages you’d like to have.

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