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Plymouth Rock Companies Ranked Among the Best Insurers in NJ

Providing outstanding customer service and satisfaction is the foundation of Plymouth Rock Assurance. We’re committed to doing the right thing for our customers, even when it isn’t easy. That’s not just something we say, there’s also proof that Plymouth Rock companies are ranked among the best insurers in NJ.

The NJ Department of Banking and Insurance recently ranked Plymouth Rock companies among the top insurers in the state with just two complaints in New Jersey in 2016. That’s not small potatoes – our companies have more than 435,000 vehicles insured, which makes us one of the largest insurers in NJ.

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Why Plymouth Rock Companies are a Unique Provider of Auto Insurance in New Jersey

Plymouth Rock isn’t just a New Jersey company, we’re NJ residents, too. We live, work and drive in NJ just like you. We know the difference between North Jersey and South Jersey. We sit in the same traffic jams as you. We eat at diners. We head down the shore (and know to avoid heading south on the Parkway on Friday afternoons in the summer).

When you call us for service, you’ll speak with someone in our New Jersey offices – not someone in another time zone.

Plus, Plymouth Rock has unique no-extra-cost services and benefits that other insurers simply don’t have.

  • Our Get Home Safe® taxi reimbursement program provides you a safe ride home when you need one1.
  • And, our Door to Door Valet Claim Service® takes the stress out of getting your car repaired after an accident2.

What Our Customers Say

We frequently receive comments just like these reviews left by real New Jersey customers.

  • “Service is the best. I've been with this company for more than 30 years and never had a problem. Very pleasant people.” | Alicia R., Buena, NJ (May 2017)
  • “Thank you for your staff. They are very helpful! This was my first experience with an accident and I felt the staff was not only professional but cared about me.” | Beverly C., Margate City, NJ (May 2017)
  • “Excellent service. I like the availability of speaking to a live representative - not voicemails!” | Robert M., Avalon, NJ (April 2017)
  • All I can say it was the best ever. Thanks so much. | Pauline S., Orange, NJ (April 2017)

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1 Personal auto insurance policyholders may be reimbursed up to $50 of taxi fees once per policy year for a one-way ride if they find themselves in a situation where it would be unsafe to operate their vehicle (not applicable to mechanical breakdown). Original receipt must be submitted with the reimbursement form.

2 Door-to-Door® is available to any customer who has purchased comprehensive or collision coverage.