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Auto Insurance Tips for New Drivers in NJ - Plymouth Rock

At Plymouth Rock, we know the first few times new drivers get behind the wheel it can be overwhelming. Worrying about safety and costs is normal. While we can’t help with your teen’s constant requests for gas money, we can offer some auto insurance tips for them to help keep them safe and sound — and your rates low. Along with the following tips, be sure to read important additional information about car insurance for new drivers in New Jersey .

Start with a Safe Vehicle

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) offers safety ratings and insurance loss information. Not only will a safe car give you peace of mind, it could help lower your premium in some cases.

Take a Defensive Driving Course

The New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC) reports that most accidents are the result of driver error. Professional instruction on standard accident-preventing techniques is a great way to boost your new driver’s skills on the road. Plus, we’ll apply a defensive driving discount when you send us a proof of participation from an MVC state-approved course. Extra savings are available as long as your teen stays accident- and violation-free.

Wear a Seat Belt

This is one of the most important tips about new driver insurance. Seat belts save lives. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the majority (56%) of 16- to 20-year-olds involved in fatal crashes were not wearing seat belts. Buckling up is also the law and will help avoid a violation that could negatively affect your premium. Remember to set a good example by practicing what you preach.

Don’t Drink and Drive

According to IIHS, 27% of 16-to 20-year-olds fatally injured in crashes in 2010 had BACs of 0.08 percent or higher. Consider setting a zero tolerance policy in the event you learn your new driver has consumed alcohol before driving and was fortunate enough to avoid a DUI or worse.

Don’t Text and Drive

No text, call, tweet, post or email is worth someone's life. According to the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute, texting while driving is the same as driving blind for five seconds. Again, consider a zero tolerance policy for cell phone usage in the car.

We hope these tips help keep your new driver safe on the road. 

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