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Getting New Driver Insurance Quotes in New Jersey

Getting your driver's license can be an exciting accomplishment, but before you can hit the open road in New Jersey, you'll need to be properly insured. To make sure you get the best possible rate, you will need to shop around and get several new driver insurance quotes. Unfortunately, getting insured as a brand new driver can be expensive, as insurance providers will see you as a statistically greater risk due to your inexperience behind-the-wheel. The good news? There are some steps you can take to save money on the coverage you need as a new driver.

Take Extra Safe-Driving Courses

Even if you already passed a driving course in order to obtain your driver's license (as is required in many states), some insurance companies might provide a substantial discount if you complete additional driver safety courses. Check with your insurance carrier for a list of approved classes. You might need to spend a little money to enroll in the course, but often times, that money spent pays off several times over when you're able to apply a discount to your policy.

Choose Your First Car Wisely

The car you drive can also have an impact on your insurance costs, so pick out your first vehicle wisely. The safer the vehicle is and the more safety/security technology it's equipped with, the better your chances of avoiding an accident and consequently, the more you can save when getting an insurance quote. Additionally, a vehicle with enhanced safety equipment may incur a lower rate than one without. As tempting as it might be to purchase that speed-machine sports car, you'll likely end up with a high insurance premium—especially as a first-time driver.

Some specific safety and security features to look for in your first car that could save you money include:
•    Rearview camera
•    Parking sensors
•    Collision warning systems
•    Antilock brakes
•    Five-star NHTSA rating

Avoid Moving Violations and Accidents in NJ

Moving violations are your worst enemy when you're a new driver and looking to keep your insurance costs down. Specifically, a moving violation refers to a traffic ticket (not a parking ticket) that results in a conviction by the state.

Additionally, insurance claims with prior companies, including accidents and other losses to your vehicle, may be available for review by your current insurer. These losses and any traffic violations are all part of your driving history that is used by insurers in determining eligibility and rates for coverage.

While some things are out of your control, do your best to avoid traffic tickets and accidents at all costs. Your wallet will thank you. If you do end up with a moving violation, look into your state’s laws to see if there's anything you can do to reduce or eliminate the violation from your record. Some states will allow you to take a driver safety course, for example, to forego points from a minor accident or ticket.

Shop Around For Quotes

Perhaps the best thing you can do to make sure you're getting the lowest rate on your auto insurance is to simply shop around for quotes with different carriers. When comparing quotes, be sure to look not just at the cost of the premium, but at the specific coverage for which you're being quoted. This should include liability insurance, underinsured/uninsured motorist coverage and possibly collision and comprehensive coverage as well. Some policy quotes may also include optional add-ons like rental car reimbursement and roadside assistance, which you can take or leave as you see fit.

Unfortunately, paying a little more for insurance coverage often comes with the territory of being a new driver. Still, there are ways you can go about minimizing your monthly payments while still getting the quality coverage you need.

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