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New Driver Insurance Companies in New Jersey - Plymouth Rock

If you’re a new driver, or your child is about to drive for the first time, you’re probably considering many things such as the type of car to buy and drive, the process to get your learner’s permit, attaining your driver’s license, road safety, and so on. Naturally, you’ve got a few questions about car insurance companies and the coverage options available for a person who has not driven before. The fact is, there aren’t any “new driver insurance companies,” however, there are quite a few carrier options for those who are new to the road. Today we will consider the main reasons for the wide range of price differences for drivers, and the multiple discount programs that may be available to you.

Why is there such a wide range of car insurance prices for new drivers?

When a car insurance carrier considers the risk of insuring you as a driver who is new on the road (just like any driver) there are many factors to consider. Below are some of the main risk factors that produce such a wide range of price difference:

  • Code
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Marital Status
  • Type of Vehicle
  • Credit Score
Each carrier will approach these risk factors a little differently; however these six items are core deciding factors on your rate. Naturally, your gender and marital status will be easily defined, however there are several different places one might live, types of vehicles you might drive, and your credit score alone could produce a very wide range of premiums. As most new drivers are young, age will matter a great deal in determining rates. There are substantial differences in how insurance companies rate teen drivers compared to middle age drivers.

For example, if you drive a sports car, have poor credit and live in an urban area that has a higher potential of accidents due to traffic congestion, you’re going to pay a higher premium as a driver than a driver with excellent credit, driving a four-door sedan, and living in a rural area with fewer cars on the road.

What discounts are available for new drivers in New Jersey?

If you’re like most consumers, you love saving money when you can. When it comes to insurance coverage, there is no shortage of discount plans with potential savings to take advantage of! Here are the top discounts offered by insurance carriers in the state of New Jersey:

  • Good Student Discount
  • Away at School Discount
  • Driver Safety Course Discount
  • Certified Driver Training Discount
  • Affinity Program Discount

If you’re in a student nursing program or you’re a student teacher, you may also have access to affinity programs. The above discounts are generally utilized by new student drivers, however there are many reasons why someone may have delayed the beginning of their driving experience, such as health, schooling, cost, or maybe they simply weren’t ready.  If you’re already in the workforce in New Jersey, there are several affinity programs to take advantage of depending on your vocation. For example, if you’re in the education field, there are affinity programs for teachers in New Jersey, such as that offered by Plymouth Rock’s Teachers’ Insurance Plan. Check out our affinity programs for potential savings!

Final Thoughts on New Driver Insurance Companies

New to driving? Be sure to take your time, adjust your seat and your mirrors, and always buckle your seatbelt before putting the car in drive. Always obey road signs and follow the speed limit. Defensive drivers are good drivers. If you are new to driving and have additional questions about insurance, or the pricing discount programs that may be available to you – call Plymouth Rock today and speak with one of our friendly representatives to get all your questions answered.

Call 855-993-4470, get your free quote online, or find an agent to learn about how Plymouth Rock can help you if you are a new driver in NJ. If you need additional information it can be found on our Contact Us page.