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Multi Car Insurance Policies in New Jersey - Plymouth Rock

If you are a New Jersey resident with two or more automobiles, it may be time to consider a multi-car insurance policy. Whether it’s for five cars, or three, a policy for multiple vehicles can cover multiple drivers living at the same address, whether they are related or not. A common scenario would be something like the following: both you and your spouse drive to work each day, and now you are looking to add a vehicle for your new teenage driver. Other examples of multi-car insurance policies may include coverage for seasonal vehicles such as convertibles or those with four-wheel drive that are best suited for snow and ice. Perhaps you have that classic car that you only take out for an occasional spin on a Sunday afternoon when the weather conditions are just right. Whatever your household auto situation looks like, an insurance policy that covers multiple cars is a smart and economical way to protect yourself and your family.

As we take a close look at the details of insurance policies for multiple cars, we’ll consider the benefits, requirements, and restrictions so you are well informed to make the best decision about your specific coverage situation.

The Benefits

Before we get into the requirements and restrictions, let’s focus on why it’s beneficial to have a multi car insurance policy. In case you weren’t aware, having more than one vehicle on your auto policy will typically result in a lower premium than you would pay to ensure each automobile separately. If you’re a driver in the state of New Jersey, you can probably expect to receive an annual premium discount somewhere between 8-20%, which is great news when you’re trying to feed that hungry teenager or maintain multiple cars in your driveway. Keeping all of your cars on one policy also means one payment date and one renewal date to keep track of. Not only will you likely be paying less per vehicle than on multiple single-car policies, but keeping track of your renewal date and payments will be simplified as well.

The Requirements

The requirements to ensure vehicles on a multi-car insurance policy will generally be the same as if you were seeking coverage for a single ride. Most insurance carriers will need the make, model, year, VIN, mileage of the cars, approximate mileage driven each year and the lienholder information (if this applies). In addition to detailed information for each vehicle, the insurance carrier will also require the personal information for each driver on the policy: legal name, date of birth, license number, gender and any accidents or moving violations in the last three years. Most carriers require that each automobile listed on the policy is registered to the policy owner or spouse. Check with your carrier to determine if an auto that is owned or co-owned by the parent or child of the policy owner can be included on the same policy as solely-owned vehicles.

The Restrictions

If you were hoping to add a soft tail hog or sports bike, we’re sorry to disappoint you, but generally speaking, most insurance carriers will not allow motorcycles to be placed on the same policy with cars or trucks. Motorcycle insurance is usually classified as a separate risk category and cannot be combined with other vehicles.

Typically, insurance companies require all automobiles on a multi-car insurance policy to have the same coverage for liability, but will allow a variance with comprehensive and collision coverage for individual vehicles on the same policy. Also, multi-car insurance policies are usually limited to four or five cars on one policy, but some insurers will allow more cars. Again, some of the restrictions depend on the insurance carrier, so it’s always best to ask.

Final Thoughts on Multi Car Insurance

As we previously stated, it makes sense to combine multiple cars on one policy. Save money and simplify your life! Because the risk management practices vary from one insurance carrier to another, it’s always best to ask how you would be covered. If you have additional questions on multi-car insurance for five cars or less in New Jersey, a Plymouth Rock representative would be happy to speak with you in order to help you determine the best coverage options for your family.

Call 855-993-4470, get your free quote online or find a local agent to see how Plymouth Rock Assurance can help you find multi car insurance in New Jersey. If you need additional information, please visit our Contact Us page.