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Local Car Insurance Quotes in New Jersey - Plymouth Rock

While your location can play a significant role in the price of your insurance and what kinds of coverage are available from certain carriers, it doesn’t necessarily have to determine where or how you get an insurance quote. In our digital world, getting "local car insurance quotes" will just mean insurance quotes that use your local zip code as one of the many factors that go into determining your rate. Density of population, frequency of accidents and the likelihood of theft are all factors that vary by local zip code. Your zip code may also be a factor in what home insurance products are available when you bundle home and auto. Some carriers will not offer home insurance in coastal areas that can be at greater risk in the event of coastal storms.

When it comes to getting a quote for auto insurance in your local area, there are many options. Your choice of how to go about getting a quote will depend on your preferences for self-service versus consultation with an agent. And even if you prefer to talk through options with a licensed agent, you have the choice of doing business over the phone or in person with a local agent near your home or workplace. Here’s a detailed rundown of your options.

Get your quote online

Gone are the days when you need to visit a local brick and mortar insurance agency to get a quote. Getting a car insurance quote online (like almost all shopping) has become very common, and is a heavily preferred way of shopping around for competitive price options for some people. Generally speaking, if you go to an insurance carrier’s website, you’ll have the option of requesting an electronic quote. This is a self-service option that allows you to get prices for various coverage options at your convenience.

 If you’re the kind of person who likes to shop online and are comfortable doing your homework about recommended limits and coverages, this is probably a great option for you. If you get stuck on something or are confused about a coverage selection, most carriers will offer phone support to help you complete your quote. You will typically be asked to enter some personal information such as your name, zip code, date of birth and vehicle information. 

As always, be careful who you give your information to. There are phishing sites out there that pose as “insurance specialists” in order to get your information, which is then sold to third party companies. Make sure there is a phone number and physical address that are viewable on the website before entering personal data.

Contact the carrier directly

Although you may like the convenience of getting a car insurance quote online, speaking with an experienced agent who can answer your questions may be a better option for you. Providing your information is the easy part; getting an accurate quote based on coverage options will involve some questions as to what type of coverage and the amount of coverage that is best for you. Also, speaking directly with a carrier representative may give you a good idea of the potential service that is offered. For example, did you get the feeling you were getting general responses because the person on the other end of the line didn’t want to be bothered, or was the representative friendly and knowledgeable? 

Speaking with a licensed representative over the phone can give you another advantage: someone who is intimately familiar with all the available discounts and affinity programs offered by the carrier. These are technically available in self-service, online quotes, but there’s always a chance you might not think to consider some of these less obvious discounts.

Call a local agent for a quote

Depending on the insurance carrier, you may have the option of utilizing an agent system where you can meet with or speak to a local agent who represents one or more insurance carriers. If you’re on a carrier website there may be an option to click a tab that says “find an agent” which will connect you with a knowledgeable agent in your local area. 

If you are seeking a long term, more personal relationship with a financial services professional for home, auto and perhaps other investment products, this may be a preferred option for you. Locally based agents may either represent one company exclusively, or they may offer products from a multitude of companies.

Always consider value

When you begin seeking out the best option for local car insurance coverage, you may be tempted to focus on price. But you probably already realize that value is more important than just going with the cheapest option out there. John Ruskin, a prominent social thinker, and philanthropist was once quoted as saying, “It’s unwise to pay too much, but it’s worse to pay too little. When you pay too much, you lose a little money – that’s all. When you pay too little, you sometimes lose everything, because the thing you bought was incapable of doing the thing it was bought to do.” It may be a good idea to keep this in mind when you’re searching for “local car insurance quotes.” The overall value (not just price) is always your best option.

Excellent coverage, superior service and competitive rates

Find out more about local car insurance companies and about finding the best car insurance for you!  If you’re seeking local car insurance quotes, consider all that Plymouth Rock Assurance has to offer! Serving New Jersey residents for decades, Plymouth Rock provides exceptional value for customers through rewards programs, discount programs, and affinity programs such as “Teachers Insurance of NJ.” Flexible policy options and competitive rates allow you to custom build your coverage options with a rate that meets your budget. For your convenience, Plymouth Rock offers local car insurance quotes online, directly with a company representative and through experienced local agents.

Call 855-993-4470, get your free quote online, or find an agent if you need assistance with local car insurance quotes in NJ. If you need additional information it can be found on our Contact Us page.