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Local Car Insurance Companies in New Jersey 

Technically speaking, there is no such thing as a truly local car insurance company because all car insurance companies are licensed and regulated at the state level, and not by local municipalities. Insurance companies licensed in NJ, however, may use local agents, alongside e-commerce sites and direct sales centers, as means of distributing their car insurance products. Regardless, if you’ve recently typed in a search for “local car insurance companies,” there’s probably a good chance you’re considering your car insurance options in the Garden State. 

While New Jersey controls what products and rates can be offered, price can still vary widely depending on where you live. There are many licensed auto insurance carriers in the state of New Jersey, so it can be an arduous task to compare them all. While car insurance prices have local variation, along with even more individual price variation, the companies that you will be shopping with will range from NJ-wide companies, to regional multi-state insurance companies, to big national carriers. All of these companies are required to have their rates approved in the same way in New Jersey.

When deciding on a carrier that serves your local area you will want to identify one or more with competitive rates, experienced agents and great customer service.

Customized Policies

If you were car shopping, you would expect to find no shortage of options and features to accommodate your needs. Why should shopping for car insurance be any different? If you make the right decision about which insurance carrier you do business with, it should be similar because you’ll have the coverage options and features available with a customized policy that provides you with the coverage you need – tailored just for you! Be sure to choose a carrier with flexible policies that will allow you to choose the amount of coverage, the type of coverage and the features for each.

Rewards Programs

Now your car insurance company is not likely to have a literal “rewards program,” but good companies will offer multiple benefits and features. Customer loyalty is highly coveted among retailers. As you’ve probably noticed, almost every retailer offers an optional “rewards program” with transactions that offer cash back, frequent flyer miles, or discounted merchandise as an incentive for shoppers. Again, why shouldn’t buying car insurance be the same way? Well, it can if you choose the right carrier.

Everyone likes to feel appreciated, and saving a few bucks feels pretty good, too! Choose a local car insurance company that is proactively thinking about and implementing safety features for their customers. Consider benefits programs such as Plymouth Rock’s “Get Home Safe®” cab service, which is a considerate way for a car insurance carrier to show customers they truly care about their safety. Have you ever been in an accident and not sure what to do next? Consider a mobile claims service such as Plymouth Rock’s “Crashbusters®,” which makes it easy to connect with your insurance provider when you need them the most. Like to be treated with VIP-level respect? Who doesn’t? If you’ve ever had a fender bender, it can be stressful. Get the respect you deserve from a local insurance company that will handle the repair process from beginning to end with Plymouth Rock’s “Door-to-Door Valet Claim Service®.” Car insurance rewards programs offer you the convenience you deserve!

Discounts Programs

If a customized policy and rewards program is not enough, consider the discount programs that may be available to you as a driver in New Jersey. Some insurance carriers may talk about discounts, but not offer much savings. Be sure to choose a local car insurance company that has a robust array of discounts. You may qualify for discounts for being a safe driver, good student, or paying your policy in full for the year. Shopping for insurance weeks before your policy expiration? Look for a company with an advance shopper discount. Other discounts may be available for having anti-theft devices on your car, agreeing to electronic documents instead of paper, and completing a safe driver training program. There are also affinity programs that are available such as the “Teachers Insurance Plan of NJ,” which offers New Jersey teachers an excellent program for car insurance.

Final Thoughts on Determining Your Best Local Insurance Option

As we previously stated, there isn’t really such a thing as “local car insurance companies;” however choosing a car insurance carrier with a strong local presence is important. Find out more about the benefits of car insurance and about finding the best car insurance for you.  You can also read about ways to save money on the perfect policy for you. Plymouth Rock Assurance has been serving car insurance customers in New Jersey for decades. If you are seeking a car insurance company that offers competitive rates, benefits programs, experienced agents, customized policies, and excellent service, consider Plymouth Rock. If you have questions about what Plymouth Rock has to offer, call a friendly representative today!

Call 855-993-4470, get your free quote online or find a local agent to see how our company can help you with local car insurance in NJ. If you need additional information, please visit our Contact Us page.