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Does Car Insurance Cover Hurricane Damage?

In the United States, hurricane season occurs between June and November and brings high winds, heavy rain, flooding and mudslides. Your vehicle may be damaged or cause damage during a hurricane, so if you live in an area of the country that is prone to hurricanes, take time now to determine if your car insurance policy will cover hurricane damage.

Windblown Debris Damage

Unsecured objects, loose signs, tree branches and even disoriented birds could fly into your car during a hurricane and cause extensive damage to the vehicle’s glass and body. Rely on your comprehensive car insurance coverage to pay for necessary repairs after the storm.

Flipped Car

Strong hurricane winds can flip your car with ease, causing your vehicle to sustain extensive damage or damage someone else's property. The comprehensive coverage on your insurance policy could cover your damaged or totaled car.

A hurricane's storm surge and heavy rain can create high water and flooding conditions. Your car could be covered in inches of water that might not cause too much damage, but feet of water or water that rises to the footwell under the vehicle’s steering wheel could severely damage your car and make it inoperable. If your car insurance policy includes comprehensive coverage, you may file a claim and receive reimbursement for any needed repairs or a replacement vehicle subject to your comprehensive deductible.

Floating Vehicle

Your car could float away in as little as a foot of rushing water, which means you may go outside after a hurricane and be unable to find your car. File a comprehensive insurance claim, and your insurance company will send you a check to help you replace your car.

Storm Surge Damage

Your vehicle could experience damage from a hurricane even if you park nowhere near the storm's path because the storm surge may cause rivers to flood miles inland. If this damage occurs, your car insurance may cover any related damages or liability.

Protect your car from hurricane damage when you purchase adequate liability, collision and comprehensive car insurance coverage. Learn if car insurance covers windshield replacement and update your policy now.

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