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Does Car Insurance Cover Theft - Plymouth Rock in New Jersey

If you have comprehensive auto insurance, your insurer should reimburse you up to the actual cash value, or ACV, for theft. This same coverage will apply if your car is vandalized or even if you recover it with some damage that needs repairs.

Liability and collision insurance don't cover theft. They will only cover damage to your car in the case of car accidents.

How Does Insurance Cover Auto Thefts?

Insurance companies offer comprehensive car insurance which provides limited coverage for damage that was not caused by collisions. Besides theft, some other examples of things that comprehensive auto insurance covers include hail, floods, and vandalism. You may have a deductible that you will have to pay out of pocket.

Your state may only require liability insurance to prove financial responsibly; however, your lender may require you to have both comprehensive and collision insurance if you still have a balance due on your loan or if your vehicle is leased. If you're not certain if you have comprehensive auto insurance, you should call your insurance company to verify coverage.

How to Respond After an Auto Theft

You will need to file a police report before you file your insurance claim.

What You need to File a Police Report

Most insurance professionals suggest filing the police report as soon as the incident occurs. Not only will filing promptly increase the chance that the police can recover your vehicle, you will also need it to file your insurance claim.

Have this information ready to file your police report:


•VIN: Your insurance card will probably have the vehicle identification number on it. If not, you can always call your insurer.

•Vehicle description: The police will need the make, model, color, and year of your vehicle. You should also describe additional identifying information, such as dings or even window or bumper stickers.

•Theft details: You should try to estimate the time frame for the theft and you will need to tell the police where you left the car.

How to File Your Insurance Claim

Just as with the police report, you should provide as much information as possible to your insurance company for the best results. For example, the insurance company may want to know about everybody who could access the vehicle and where all of the car keys were stored. Since they will base your reimbursement on the actual cash value of the car, any documentation about regular service and vehicle upgrades can help.

If you stored valuable items in the car, you also need to tell your insurer about them. Your comprehensive insurance may not cover electronics if they weren't installed in the factory. It also may not cover personal items. It's possible that you can get reimbursed by your home policy.

Contact Your Finance or Leasing Company

After you have contacted the police and your insurer, you should also contact your auto lender or leasing company. You probably had to give your finance company information about your car insurance when you first signed your contract; however, you could have changed insurance companies. Also, some finance companies will offer you a grace period for your next payment while your claim is processed, but you need to ask for it.

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