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Direct Car Insurance Quotes in New Jersey - Plymouth Rock

With the expansion of direct insurance carriers in recent years, getting car insurance quotes has never been easier. Either call a car insurance representative directly or visit their website to get a quote. The information you need is literally a phone call or a few clicks away! The process is usually fast and easy, and can save you time and money. The choice to work directly with an insurance carrier or with an independent agent is really a matter of personal choice. Here’s a close look at the benefits of working with a direct insurance carrier versus an independent local agent. Read on and decide which option is better for you.

Direct carrier representatives know their coverage.

Let’s begin by saying that there are local car insurance agents who have experience and represent their clients well. However, independent agents will typically have to learn the coverages and policies of multiple insurance carriers, which can be challenging. When you work with an insurance carrier directly, you can get your questions answered by an insurance professional who is very experienced and knowledgeable about their own product’s coverage, rates, discounts and affinity programs. Sometimes the finer details of coverage and discounts can get lost in the shuffle of having to keep track of multiple carriers when you work with a local agent who may represent a broad range of carriers.

Independent agents can be your personal advocate.

If you have questions about billing, need to make a policy change, or need assistance with a claim, a local agent can be very helpful! Working directly with the insurance carrier can be convenient, but some people prefer a more personal touch over pure convenience. Also, independent agents can shop the market for you in order to offer coverage that both meets your needs and fits your budget. (That being said, many direct carriers also have the ability to quote other carriers and bind policies from a number of companies if their direct product is not your best option.) If you build a solid relationship, an independent local insurance agent can be an advisor for your lifetime.

Working directly with a carrier can save you money.

If you think you’re not paying commissions to a local agent – think again. While you may not be paying an independent insurance agent directly, the cost of your car insurance is impacted when an insurance carrier is paying commissions to the agent. When you work directly with an insurance carrier, there’s no need for the insurance company to pay additional commission to an external agent, which allows the insurance company to pass any savings directly to you! It’s important to remember there is a balance here. Depending on your situation, an independent agent can bring a lot of value that may be well worth paying the additional premium. Again, this is a matter of personal preference.

Independent agents live and work in your community.

There’s something to be said for neighborliness and local connection. Local agents understand the challenges and benefits of living in your zip code because they’re your neighbors. It’s common for independent insurance agents to get involved in community events such as coaching and sponsoring youth sports teams, supporting charitable organizations, and patronizing local businesses in their area. Being in the same circles of influence may allow you to build a strong relationship with a local agent. Now insurance representatives who provide direct coverage from an insurance carrier may also live in your community and are typically just as active and philanthropic as independent agents.

Consider the insurance carrier of choice in New Jersey.

Whether you’re seeking the opportunity to work directly with an insurance carrier or with a local independent agent, you’ll want an auto insurance policy backed by an organization that provides excellent coverage, great service and affordable rates. Consider Plymouth Rock Assurance! 

Plymouth Rock representatives are experienced, knowledgeable professionals who are eager to answer your questions about auto insurance and help you explore the various discounts and affinity programs for which you may qualify. You don’t need to sacrifice convenience or benefits to get access to the insurance carrier of choice for New Jersey. For direct auto insurance quotes, contact Plymouth Rock directly, or find a local agent.

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