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Comprehensive Insurance Companies in New Jersey 

Are you considering comprehensive insurance coverage for your car or truck? Despite the possible perception that there are “comprehensive insurance companies,” there technically is no such thing. All car insurance carriers offer comprehensive insurance as part of an optional auto insurance package, in addition to liability protection. Comprehensive auto insurance is never sold as an individual policy, however, it’s offered by insurance carriers as one of the main auto insurance lines of coverage. 

You buy insurance protection for your vehicle because it covers you against different kinds of risk. Hopefully, you’ve never had to report an auto damage claim, but if you have, you know the damage usually results from one of three types of events: an accident you caused, one that someone else caused, or damage resulting from something other than a collision, such as a natural disaster. No two policies are the same, which means every insurance policy should be customized for the protection you need. Before we get into the details of why you may want to carry comprehensive insurance on your vehicle, let’s look at the protection it does and does not offer.

The Four Main Components of Auto Insurance Coverage

Comprehensive insurance will usually cover the cost to repair damage to your vehicle when a “non-collision” event takes place. This simply means that your vehicle has sustained damage (usually while stationary) without colliding with another vehicle, person or object. Remember, comprehensive insurance covers damage to YOUR vehicle, and would never be assigned to cover the costs to repair or replace damage to other people’s property. Let’s take a look at situations when comprehensive insurance would generally cover damage as well as when comprehensive insurance would not apply.

What Comprehensive Insurance WILL COVER (generally):

  • Damage to YOUR vehicle resulting from natural disasters such as wind, hail, fire or flood.
  • Damage to YOUR vehicle when there is theft or vandalism.
  • Damage to YOUR vehicle as a result of falling trees or limbs.
  • Damage to your vehicle from an accident involving wildlife.

What Comprehensive Insurance WILL NOT Cover:

  • Damage to a car or truck that is owned by someone else.
  • Damage to you or another person that requires medical attention/costs.
  • Damage to YOUR vehicle that occurs as a result of a collision with another vehicle, person or object.

Questions to Consider Regarding Comprehensive Insurance

• Do you lease your vehicle? Typically, the dealership will not let you drive off the lot with a leased vehicle until you can show proof of comprehensive auto insurance. 

• Do you have a car payment? If there is a lien on the car you drive because you financed the purchase, your bank usually requires you to carry comprehensive insurance. This simply protects the interest of the financial institution until your loan is completely paid in full. 

• Do you value peace of mind? If you won’t be able to cover the cost to repair or replace your vehicle after major damage or total loss, then carrying comprehensive insurance will give you some valuable peace of mind.

Final Thoughts on Comprehensive Coverage

It’s important to know that some insurance companies will allow you to purchase comprehensive insurance without also having collision coverage on your auto policy; however, some will require that you have both as opposed to just one. Insurance carriers have varying approaches to risk management, so it’s important to find out how different insurance coverages apply to your individual needs. Comprehensive insurance protects your vehicle. A lot of us tend to think of car insurance for on-the-road accidents, but the fact is – accidents can happen right in your driveway.

If you drive a late model vehicle that you’ve worked hard to purchase and it’s something you take pride in, why not protect your investment? If you don’t currently carry comprehensive insurance on your auto policy, consider adding it today for adequate protection. If you have additional questions about comprehensive insurance for your vehicle, a representative from Plymouth Rock would be happy to speak with you to help you decide which coverage options are best for you.

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