Common Mistakes When Purchasing Personal Auto Insurance

Car insurance is an important part of responsible driving. Though nearly everyone pays for coverage, not all policies are equal. In fact, there can be substantial differences in coverage from insurer to insurer — even among customers who have similar premiums. There are some common mistakes when purchasing personal auto insurance that NJ drivers make, which can prove costly in the long term.

Choosing State Minimum Coverage

Car insurance is mandatory in New Jersey. The state has established requirements for all drivers, including $5,000 in property damage liability coverage and $15,000 in personal injury protection per person, per accident. Although most drivers never need to file a claim that reaches policy maximums, some do. And, for those who have only minimum coverage, any personal and liability expenses not covered remain the financial responsibility of the policyholder. Instead of choosing state minimum coverage, drivers should determine if higher liability amounts, as well as collision and comprehensive protection, are right for them.

Shopping for the Lowest Premium

One of the biggest mistakes consumers make when shopping for car insurance is purchasing coverage based on premium price alone. Affordable insurance can be found at rock bottom prices, but it usually offers minimum coverage and inadequate customer service. Instead, consumers should purchase a policy that is not only affordable, but also designed to meet their needs. When the time comes to file a claim, most drivers want an insurer that will pay it quickly.  You can also read more information about the importance of having a policy and what you have to do to insure a new car

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