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New Jersey Collision Insurance – Plymouth Rock Assurance

Collision insurance in NJ can help you cover physical damage that your car sustains in accidents like parking lot fender-benders, rollover crashes or hitting stationary objects like trees or mailboxes.

While it’s not a state-mandated auto insurance coverage, it can be a beneficial addition to your auto policy. Learn more about what it covers, how it may be helpful, and how it fits into your overall protection plan.

What Does It Cover?

Most covered situations in which your car is damaged by a crash with a stationary object or another car will be handled by the collision portion of your auto insurance. However, any damage you may cause to someone else’s car is usually covered by the property damage portion of your liability coverage.

Collision doesn’t cover wear and tear or mechanical breakdowns. It also won't cover damage from theft, vandalism, fire, flood or hitting an animal — those situations typically fall under comprehensive coverage.

Why Do I Need It?

Collision coverage, like comprehensive coverage, is not mandatory for most drivers. However, you will typically need to add it to your policy if you financed the purchase of your car or you lease your vehicle. If you have a loan for your car and are currently paying it off, your lender still technically owns the car and may require that you carry coverage.

If you financed or lease your car and opt to forgo collision coverage, lenders may, in some situations, purchase the coverage for you, add the cost to your loan/lease and increase the amount of money you pay for your vehicle. You can save money by getting a collision quote and purchasing it on your own.

Even if you don't have a vehicle loan or lease, it can be a smart purchase. If you’re not required to purchase the coverage, the decision to buy it will be different for everyone. Your accident history, where you typically drive and how much time you spend behind the wheel are all factors that can affect your decision. Our professionals and local agents can help you evaluate the costs and benefits of collision coverage.

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