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Buying a Home and Car Insurance in New Jersey

Car insurance isn’t something you’re likely to consider when buying a home. But between packing, coordinating utilities and bidding farewell to neighbors, it’s important to find time to connect with your agent or carrier to discuss your move. You’ll want to consider the following points before settling in your new home.

Discounts and Savings

By bundling your homeowners insurance and auto insurance through Plymouth Rock in New Jersey, you may be eligible for additional discounts on your policies. If you’re starting a new job, joining a new gym or participating in a new professional organization that has partnered with us, you could save even more. Moving to a new home is a great time to review your policy and available discounts.


It’s important that your carrier has accurate information in the event you need to report a claim. Keeping them up-to-date with your information is required and will ensure that your claim is handled most efficiently.

Liability Coverage

Automobile insurance protects you and your assets. In the unfortunate event of an accident, your policy will provide liability protection. As the value of your assets increases, you’ll want to make sure your liability coverage meets your needs. If the value of your assets is significantly greater than your liability limits, you may want to consider supplemental liability protection through an umbrella policy.

Flood Insurance For Your New Home

Whether or not your new home is located in a flood zone, purchasing flood insurance may be a smart investment. The possibility of flooding is not limited to areas close to major bodies of water, and most home insurance policies do not cover damage caused by flooding.  Read more about flood insurance by clicking here.

Moving to a new home is an exciting milestone and we’re happy to help you with your needs through the process.

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