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Buying a Home and Car Insurance in New Jersey

Congratulations on your new home! Owning your home has many advantages, including freedom, independence and the opportunity to build financial equity. The process can be complicated and stressful at times, but the long-term results can prove immensely satisfying. After all, this isn’t just about buying a house; it’s about making a home, creating memories and gaining financial stability.

 You may have a significant “to-do list” right now, but don’t overlook a very important aspect of your buying experience – shopping for car insurance. Buying a Home and Car Insurance can save you money while securing for yourself the life you want. How can that be? Since you can get discounted rates on car insurance when you’re buying a home and putting your homeowner insurance in place, making the right decisions now could yield significant savings for years to come.

The Best Time to Shop for Car Insurance

When you’re in the process of buying a home in New Jersey there are a lot of moving parts. As a prospective new homeowner, try not to be so focused on the home-buying details that you miss a huge opportunity to save on the insurance for your vehicle. This is perhaps one of the best opportunities to shop around and save on car insurance.

 It’s important to keep in mind that your new zip code will be a significant factor in determining what your residence and auto insurance rates will be. If you’re considering a few homes in different areas, you might check with your insurance carrier to see how each zip code could potentially impact your auto rate. Square footage, building costs and the risk of natural disasters such as hurricanes and floods may be determining factors for home insurance. While multiple individual and geographical factors will make a big difference for you individually, places such as Newark, Atlantic City, South Seaville, and Normandy Beach are examples of more expensive locations in NJ to insure houses and vehicles.

Homeowners Get Better Rates on Car Insurance

There are several risk factors that your insurance carrier will consider before offering you a quote for auto insurance. These factors may include, but are not limited to, driving history, age, gender and credit/insurance score. Did you know that as the owner of a home, you’ll get a better rate on your car insurance than you would as a renter? That’s right. Generally speaking, NJ homeowners tend to represent lower risk factors, so they are attractive risks for insurance carriers. If homeownership wasn’t already exciting enough, you now have significant leverage as a consumer to save on your car insurance.

Bundle Your Home and Auto for a Significant Discount

Purchasing a home is probably one of the largest financial investments that you’ll make in your lifetime. Deciding on the home itself and the location are very important decisions. Deciding on an insurance carrier to protect your assets may be as equally important, as this could have a significant financial impact on you and your family.

 Take advantage of the opportunity to bundle your home and auto and save on your insurance premiums. Most insurance carriers will offer a discounted bundle package on home and auto for new homeowners; however, some bundling discounts are better than others. If you’re placing both your home and auto coverage with the same carrier, take the opportunity to establish a long-term relationship with significant savings. 

According to Quadrant Information Systems, an insurance data company, New Jersey is the 10th cheapest state for home insurance. Ways to decrease your home insurance rate, even more, include the following, which could produce potential savings:

• Installing Indoor Sprinkler System: Typically around 15-20% savings
• Customer Loyalty Discounts: Range up to 10% savings
• Installing Smoke Detectors: Potential 5% savings
• Installing Dead-Bolt Locks: Potential 5% savings
• Installing Security Alarm: Potential 5% savings

After a comprehensive study of multiple insurance carriers and rates that customers pay, Quadrant Information Systems has concluded that the savings for bundling your home and auto coverage in NJ could reduce your overall insurance costs up to 15%.

Great Opportunity to Package Your Home and Auto

If you’re looking for a great opportunity to bundle your home and auto into a package savings deal, consider Plymouth Rock Assurance. Plymouth Rock offers a variety of custom bundle packages for NJ residents on home and auto insurance that will provide you with complete coverage and significant savings regardless of your budget. In addition, Plymouth Rock offers value-added features such as Identity Theft coverage, which provides protection against fraud and identity theft. Call Plymouth Rock today to get the affordable coverage you need and the service you deserve. You can also find more information about insurance questions on our site, such as what are the benefits of car insurance and how to avoid common mistakes when purchasing.

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