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Auto Insurance Specialists in New Jersey 

Have you ever searched online for auto insurance coverage and ended up on some obscure website that requested your information before receiving your “free quote?” There are many online marketing companies that may appear to be “auto insurance specialists,” when they’re simply digital info brokers harvesting information such as your name, phone number and email address in order to sell that information to insurance agencies or data aggregation companies. You may also encounter online “super agencies.” Although these super agencies do hold a legitimate insurance license to sell you coverage, you probably won’t get service from them once your policy is in force. Most of these middleman websites are user-friendly and attractive, which tends to put you as the consumer at ease without considering the service you may need beyond the initial transaction.

Lead Generator, Broker or Auto Insurance Specialist?

You need to be very discerning about who you give your information to when you’re searching online for an auto insurance quote, but how do you know the difference between the middleman websites — such as lead generation sites and super agencies — and the real insurance carrier that will provide you with a legitimate quote, insurance policy and full service when you need it? We’ll consider three specific questions for each to help you determine the difference between the lead generators, brokers and full-service car insurance specialists.

Lead Generation Website

If you go online and conduct a search for “auto insurance specialists” you will most likely come across websites offering you a free auto insurance quote in exchange for your personal information. Many of these websites may look like full service auto insurance professionals, but they are nothing more than lead capture pages designed to solicit your information in order to sell it as a lead to another company. The Federal Trade Commission requires companies engaging in word-of-mouth marketing (affiliate sites), in which people are compensated to promote products or services to their peers, to disclose those relationships. Be sure to check for these disclosures if you want to know who your information will be sold to.

Questions to consider:

  • Will they provide a quote? Yes (3rd party only).
  • Can they bind coverage? No.
  • Do they offer full service? No.

Online Super Agency

There’s nothing wrong with operating an insurance agency. In fact, there are many good insurance agents that represent insurance carriers. The difference in purchasing coverage through an online “super agency” is the lack of continuing service. Sure, you can get binding coverage through one of these super agency sites; however, in most cases, there’s really no service to speak of beyond the initial transaction. The main objective of one of these online super agencies is to act as a broker to boost sales. Once your policy is in force, the agency’s relationship with you comes to an end.

Questions to consider:

  • Will they provide a quote? Yes.
  • Can they bind coverage? Yes.
  • Do they offer full service? Generally, no.

Full-Service Insurance Carrier

There’s nothing quite like a friendly voice on the other end of the line when you need to file an auto insurance claim. When you buy insurance, you’re buying more than just a promise on paper – you’re buying peace of mind. The kind of peace that comes with knowing you are dealing with a real insurance carrier with in-house agents, a customer service team and a claims department that encompasses the value of a full-service experience. It’s a very different experience compared to a digital data broker or online super agency focused only on the sale.

Questions to consider:

  • Will they provide a quote? Yes.
  • Can they bind coverage? Yes.
  • Do they provide full service? Yes.

Example of a True Auto Insurance Specialist in New Jersey

If you’re looking for a long-term quality relationship with true auto insurance specialists in New Jersey, consider the experience, expertise and dedicated service of Plymouth Rock Assurance. Plymouth Rock has been advising customers and servicing claims in the state of New Jersey for decades. In addition to experienced, in-house agents and a full-service claims department, Plymouth Rock provides you with excellent savings opportunities through its assurance packages and affinity programs in New Jersey. It’s time you received the full service you deserve from a true auto insurance specialist.

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