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Auto Insurance for College Students in NJ

Are you wondering how to handle auto insurance for your college student when they are away at school? Maybe your college student isn’t driving at school, and you’re considering whether to keep them on your policy as a driver? As a parent, sometimes it’s that in-between stage in your son’s or daughter’s life when you’re just not sure when to let them go. As a college student, you may be ready to claim your independence, but being able to afford your own auto insurance may present a challenge. There are many things to consider during this time period in life, and you want to be sure you’re making the right decisions. Here we’ll take a close look at car insurance for college students, and the options that parents and students should know about in order to stay both financially responsible and protected.

When should students stay on a parent’s policy

There are a few cases in which you’ll want to keep your college student on your car policy, at least for the time being. These cases address opportunities to simultaneously meet the needs of your child and protect your financial interests in the vehicle being insured. The following are reasons you should keep your college student on your own auto insurance policy:

Your child still lives in your home – Everyone in the household needs to be listed on the policy.

Your policy protects your non-driving student – Even if your college student is not driving, your personal injury protection and uninsured/underinsured coverages may protect your child if they’re injured in a car accident as a passenger.

You own the car your college student drives - If you maintain a financial/ownership stake in the car your child is driving, they should still be listed on your auto insurance policy.

When should students get their own policy?

If you’re a college student and you’re driving a vehicle owned by a parent, you’ll want to stay on your parent’s policy. However, if you own your own car, you need to have your own auto insurance policy. Owning your own car means that vehicle is titled in your name, and it’s your responsibility to insure your vehicle. Even when your parents might be helping you to make car or insurance payments, you should have the insurance policy in your name.

The Cost of Car Insurance for College Students

The reality is that auto insurance will most likely have a high cost for young drivers. The good news is that as you gain driving experience and keep your driving record free of tickets and accidents, car insurance rates will usually go down significantly, providing some premium payment relief.

Auto Insurance Discounts Available for College Students

Generally speaking, auto insurance premiums will be higher for younger people. However, there are some discounts available with most car insurance carriers that can help to make your insurance premiums more affordable. The following are a few auto insurance discounts for which college students may qualify:

Away at College Discounts – If you live at the place where you are attending school, you’ll be classified as a resident student. Typically, if you live at least 100 miles away from your parents’ home address and you don’t have a vehicle with you at school, you may qualify for a discount as a (non-commuting) “away at school” college student.
Good Student Discounts – Do you maintain a high GPA? Many auto insurance carriers offer a “good student” discount that you may be able to grab. Each carrier will define their own minimum standard for good student status, but the typical desired threshold is a B average or better.

Final Thoughts on Auto Insurance for College Students

The college years can be a challenging transition for both parents and students. In an effort to help you understand relevant car insurance information, Plymouth Rock addresses the best car insurance for you, as well as low cost car insurance and new driver insurance tips to help the new college driver. If you have any other questions about auto insurance as a parent or college student, consider contacting Plymouth Rock Assurance. Call Plymouth Rock today to speak with a friendly, licensed professional.

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